Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ahhhhh, Easter

What can ya say??? My girls had an awesome Easter. And thanks to mom we didn't have to buy any Easter candy for them!! (Just lucky her package arrived last Wednesday just in time for the BIG day!) Our Easter was spent at Nick and Heather's. Kamryn got to dye eggs on Saturday night. This was a first! And her tricky mother put special K's and flowers on them so they would show up when we put them in the dye. She was amazed!!! Amazing how much entertainment a white crayon can provide lol. Come Easter morning Kamryn was all pumped to see what the Easter Bunny had brought her. However, I still had to hide eggs! All 76 of them lol! So daddy and Pawpaw kept her distracted. So much so that she forgot about the Easter Bunny until I asked if she wanted to see what he brought her! Boy was she excited! Then into their Easter dresses and the hunt was on! Lauryn didn't 'really' get the concept of hunting eggs and putting them in your basket. She would pick them up and then throw them down. However, after watching what Kamryn was doing she picked up her basket and started putting eggs in it. It was a nice day filled with cute girls and WAY too much candy lol!

Our trip how yesterday was horrible though. The rain! My gosh! There were times you couldn't even see in front of our car. It was horrible. However, it was nice to return to warmer temps! And my pet peeve for the weekend is *drum roll please*............

On Tuesday I seen a mother in Kmart giving her baby (between 12-15 months old) bubble tape. WHAT IS SHE THINKING??!?!?! Yes, the baby was sitting in the cart eating the bubble tape. Bubble tape is bubble gum, by the way. She wasn't just giving her a small piece, she gave her the WHOLE thing! Seriously, is that all she could think to feed her at that moment??? Neither of my kids have had gum nor will they for as long as possible. Sheesh!


Blogger Hannah said...

Those are gorgeous dresses! And Kamryn looks so proud of her dyed eggs. I must do that with the boys next Easter!!
Where did you go that was so cold? Are Nick & Heather Hugh's parents?

That is awful about the mother giving her baby bubble gum! My kids have never had gum either, I wouldn't dream of giving it to them!

4:20 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Awww..the girls look so darn, "squish em tight" cute! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Easter!

Bubble tape? Are you kidding me? That's insane. I mean Zachary is almost 4 and has had bubble gum on a *few* occassions mostly when he's snuck it and I won't let him have it anymore because he just swallows it. Insane!!! Makes you wonder what else she gives that poor child.

5:34 PM  

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