Sunday, May 14, 2006


How many have seen this site Or actually taken some of the tests there?

In the past I have done tests there but it wasn't anything fabulous. But now the tests seem to be more in depth and there are even PhD certified tests. Jamie suggest I take a look at some of the Mind & Body tests. For the past couple of months, I have been questioning a few internal matters that I have where friendships and relationships are concerned. I expressed to Jamie just yesterday that I needed to be 'fixed' or have some behavioral help. She said I didn't need 'fixing', I just needed a better understanding of myself. And she pointed out that I get along with her and Hugh so I obviously can't be 'broken'. She just reckons I am picking the wrong friends or people to be surrounded by. And I think she is right.

After taking some of these tests yesterday, I started to realize there isn't anything wrong with me. It's how people deal with me that seems to be the issue. But a majority of the tests have been right on about who I am which came as a huge relief. Of course there are always things we need to work on but at least I no longer feel I need to alter my entire being because something isn't working.

I also took the birth order one that is under the family section. That was very interesting to read too. Supposedly my self-esteem is that of an eldest child. However some things weren't right as far as attention and such. But it seems I generally get along with oldest children or youngest children and I think that is sooooooooooo true. Prime examples: Hannah is oldest, Hugh is youngest and Jamie is youngest. I have the hardest time with middle children. OMG, that is exactly right! That is mainly where I have the issues. I didn't fit exactly into the eldest child outline so I would probably have a few head butting issues with older children which I have in the past.

Anyway, very interesting to read. Really puts things in perspective and doesn't make you feel 'wrong'.


Blogger Hannah said...

Wow, sounds really interesting, Christi! I'll definitely check that out sometime. I'm totally fascinated by the birth order stuff, and how much my kids are examples of the typical "oldest child" and "youngest child". Anyway, I hope you are able to use the information you found to help understand yourself (and others) better and hopefully realise that you don't need fixing because I think you're wonderful just the way you are!!

PS. Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day email! I hope you had a wonderful day today, too :-)

3:36 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised to see my body image was "healthy high"

Sometimes I get so down about it, but it really doesn't stop me from much :)

Thanks...I'm surely passing it on!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Well, better late than never, right? I told you, you weren't broken...and you are getting a better understanding of things. When i start feeling blue, I head to tickle and take a few always makes me feel a little bit better. Sorry i've been MIA this week....i've worked 72 hours and there's not much left of me. Catch ya soon :D

7:19 AM  

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