Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fairy Cakes

Today was the start of dance class again. Things have been tight around here financially so Hugh and I are on a penny budget for about 3 months until things sort themselves out. Unfortunately that means some things have to be cut. One happens to be Kamryn's dance. I hate doing it but something has to give and right now every little bit helps. She is only just nearing 4 so I'm sure we have plenty of years ahead for her to get back in. I know she loves it and it breaks my heart but I'm trying not to dwell. So instead I have nominated Thursdays as 'Kamryn's day to cook'. Hugh works late anyway so I thought I would see if she wanted to bake something in the morning and then do dinner for her and Lauryn at night. Well she loved the idea! So after Lauryn was down for her nap today we made pink fairy cakes. What other color would fairy cakes be? She was really good and pouring the ingredients in and putting sprinkles on top afterwards. Dinner was the big thing though. We had tuna melts and she put the tuna on the muffins and the cheese. She put all the vegetables in the bowls for microwaving (frozen vege ya all!). She got out the plates and brought them to me when I was ready to dish up. And just as we sat down to eat she said 'Mommy, you were a very good helper'. Awwwww, doesn't it melt your heart??? Then she said 'does it taste good, baby?'. LOL, so funny! And man she made sure she was awake until Hugh got home past 8PM to tell him that she made dinner. She is awfully proud of what she did and I made sure to point out that I was the helper and this was her dinner. So for 8 weeks she will be making our dinner every Thursday. I'm not sure if this will make her forget dance or if this is just as good but it has to work for now. And it's nice to see that she is soooooo proud of herself for doing it. What a lovey!


Blogger Hannah said...

Awww, Christi! I was almost crying reading this post! Kamryn is a DOLL, I swear she is just so adorable. You must be so proud of her, mommy! Those fairy cakes look freakin' awesome and they're making me hungry! Can I come over, lol? :-) I really want one!
And that dinner - what a big girl and how sweet that she said you were a good helper. That is so precious. I must try cooking dinner with Ethan sometime. He loves to bake, I'm sure he would love cooking dinner as well.
Great idea, and aren't you a great mom for thinking up a new thing to replace dance class :-)

10:32 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

If you do it with Ethan let me know how it likes it. I couldn't believe how chuffed Kamryn was over it. I don't think Hugh could either. How about I make fairy cakes for crop next week??? Sound good?

10:53 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Ok, I finally am able to leave a comment!! :-) (I had to create my own blog to do it) Love your blog Christi you should be a writer. You're very eloquent. By the way is that orange cheese on the dinner Kamryn made?

2:03 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Ha, yes it's orange cheese! And it's from NZ! It's smoked slices. Doesn't taste like American cheese but we like it. That's all we will eat in the slices and the girls love it on it's own. Reminds me of how I used to eat cheese when I was little.

Hmmmm, so is anyone willing to give me a writing job??? I'm not sure what I would write about, it would have to be something I am strong in conviction about lol. Although you have made me start to think about writing a book.......

2:17 PM  

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