Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another Thursday........

So I'm a couple of days late posting this but only just getting around to it or should I say being bothered lol. This past Thursday was Kamryn's third week for cooking. Last Thursday it was Rice Krispie treats and for dinner it was chicken rings and fries. Not a HUGE dessert or dinner but it wasn't a very good day to begin with. But this past Thursday hopefully made up for it! She decided she wanted to make a dessert with blueberries. Thankfully I still had some in the freezer from when we went blueberry picking in the Waikato. So blueberry cake it was! And for dinner we had salmon patties, mac 'n' cheese and green beans. I think her favorite part of the day was cracking all the eggs. The entire day amounted to 6 eggs being cracked lol. The last 3 were complete successes without any shell being added to the mix lol. She also really likes pouring the ingredients into the bowl. I've tried getting her to use the mixer but she says it's too loud. Anyway, here are some photos from dinner and dessert. We had the cake with custard which was very yummy!


Blogger Lisa said...

How AWESOME! So glad you are cooking with's so much fun :)

Zachary made our dinner tonight too...Spaghetti!

5:16 PM  

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