Thursday, January 25, 2007


Here are outlined issues of late...........

***Ok, first I want to start by saying that Lisa has estahblished a very nice forum and gallery over at Scrapbooking by Design. She has many things on the go with many more coming out or starting up. There are competitions, weekly challenges and sketch challenges. She is also starting up online classes, online crops and monthly kits. I can see her site getting HUGE in the coming months. It's one of the bigger galleries I have seen. If you have a chance, sign up and have a look around. Pop in and start chatting away!

***Yesterday (23rd) proved to be a milestone day for Lauryn. We have been trying and trying to get her used to the ocean water. She isn't keen. Fair enough, I can see how the waves can be intimidating to a two year old. Well yesterday she went right on in and fell a few times and was happy. Got cold quickly but none the less, happy. Then today (24th) it somehow turned to custard. She'd only go out so far and then wanted up. But it was sooooooooo stinking hot today that all we wanted to do was be in the water lol. Oh well, hopefully she'll get there soon.

***Hugh thinks it's 'fun' to mess up things on my computer. I don't think it's so fun nor do I think it's very thoughtful. So he reinstalled something on our computer and now you USB port for my camera doesn't work. It's a Windows issue. Great! Now this happened back in December so I then had to use his computer to get my photos off the camera. A pain but it did the job. Well the other night he gets a wild a hair and decides to have a play with his computer. Guess what happened???? Yep, it no longer works! Great, fabulous! So his answer is to get a card reader. Guarantees me that that will work. Well guess again??? Nope, didn't work. JUST FREAKING LOVELY! I have things I want to sell and a layout I need to send to Lisa on there and I can't get to it because he thinks he needs to do these things. He doesn't! I get soooooooo annoyed with this! Men then they need to change things to make them better. WHY???? It was just fine before you starting 'fixing' things. I'm not happy.

***It's hot! Yes, I know we complain about it being cold and rainy but I'm not a heat person. And there isn't central air here and I soooooooo don't agree with sweat pouring off me in buckets and my clothing sticking to me. To me, that means it's too stinkin' hot! So I didn't go to the gym today. It's air conditioned but by the time I finish 30 minutes I'm dying because your body is so jacked up from the heat anyway.

***My girls have a bedroom that they 'sometimes' sleep in. Kamryn will generally wake every night between midnight-1am and come and get in bed with me. Which is fine, I don't mind but I am always in the middle and it's not very comfortable. If I coherently catch her before she gets in bed, I ask her to sleep on the mattress in the room. Now when she gets up from her room, we have issues. She will either turn on the light to look for things she 'needs', slam the door or leave doors open. Every now again she wakes Lauryn and of course Lauryn doesn't want to sleep in there either. So can ya guess what kinda night tonight is??? Yep, one with both girls in bed with Hugh at the moment while I am still up hoping to transfer when they fall asleep so I can sleep decently in this humid weather.

***Hugh's 'freakin' stinkin' potential job'. Man, it's driving me batty! I understand that good things come to those who wait. But really, how long do you wait? And if they were in need why advertise for a job that they weren't going to fill until the end of January??? So Hugh hasn't gotten a phone call this week. Granted the week isn't over but he made a call today and the guy that they need to convince about the job description is away for a week due back on Monday. Great! Nice to be informed! The guy at the company today told Hugh that both him and the other guy were good candidates but it would come down to this other guys decision. Well of course he is going to tell Hugh that. He isn't going to tell you they aren't giving the job to him or that he is looking better than the other guy. At any rate, we still wait. This is six weeks, folks. I am not one who can handle the unknown for very long.

Anyway, those are a few things. I am sure there are more lol. But that is really what is on my mind at the moment. Fabulous reading there lol ;)


Blogger Michelle said...

And I thought my life was pretty sucky right now, being pregnant in this heat and dealing with 2 cute little monsters. LOL Hang in there it can only get worse!

When you coming down again?

12:37 PM  

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