Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Job Stress!!!

Ok, this isn't about my job even though mine is pathetic lol but it's more about Hugh's. Ok, well actually it's not even about Hugh's job, it's more about a potential job lol. Before Christmas he applied for a job in West Auckland. I found the ad online and mentioned it to him but since it was a large jump in pay, he figured it wouldn't be something they would look at him for doing. Well here it is the middle of January and he has had 3 different interviews with this company in the hopes of securing the job. It's down to him and another guy for the position. His last interview was on January 4th and at that interview they said he should hear something by the end of last week. Well the week came and went and he hadn't heard anything. We thought this was a bit slack since they are obviously taking this hiring very seriously. Well Hugh called the recruitment guy on Monday to see if he heard anything from them. He hadn't but had an e-mail to meet them yesterday. He said he would call Hugh and let him know how it went. Well come to find out they are waiting until the Big Boss is back for his before-Christmas-holiday on the weekend so he can do an official interview and make the decision himself lol. Which is fine with us. We aren't in any rush but they have to know we are hanging out to hear something and a phone call to say that is what they were waiting for would have been nice. So we probably won't know anything for sure until the end of the month. That's alright though cause anything that's this good is totally worth the wait ;)


Blogger Hannah said...

Oh man, that's stink that you have to wait so much longer! I saw the title of your post and thought it meant Hugh didn't get the job ... but glad to hear he is still very much in the running. And like you say, it won't be too bad to wait another couple of weeks for a job so good! Fingers crossed!!!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Good luck to Hugh! I know how that waiting thing is. Something similar happened to Brendona few years back when he applied at the Huntly power company. 3 weeks to be told the other guy got the job.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I'll be crossing my fingers for you guys. This constant waiting is probably due to the time of year, when everything slows down or shuts down. Still, it can't be easy.

2:36 PM  

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