Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Give Blood

Today Hugh and I attempted to give blood. I say attempted because Hugh couldn't lol. It was on a whim. For a long time I have wanted to give blood but honestly thought I couldn't because of my thyroxine tablets. So on a whim today in Orewa, we went in to see if we could with all the medications we take lol. After getting the ok, we filled out paper work to begin the process. The last time I gave blood I was 16 and it wasn't a nice experience. I actually didn't give any because they couldn't find a vein. And after rooting around in both arms (badly bruised after!), they gave up. I appear to have a slightly rare blood type, B+, with only 9% of the population having it. After you fill out papers you go behind a privacy screen so the nurse can ask you questions and check your iron. Now I get my blood checked every 3 months for my Grave's and Gilbert's disease. So I have gotten used to the needles. But I didn't realize they needed to do a pin prick on my finger!!! That freaking hurts!!! I was freaking out and the nurse (who was male) died laughing. He said 'I'm sorry, but most people are scared of the needle used for the giving of blood' lol. Not me, boy. And that prick did hurt! So after I finished my 'interview' lol, I got as comfortable as you can get in one of those chairs. And after a few short minutes, the needle was in and I was pumping away! I didn't even feel the needle. All I felt was the pressure, it was great! Fabulous! That's how all of them should feel but they don't :(

In the meantime, Hugh was doing his interview and then he comes out and pops in a chair. Well they couldn't get a vein with the normal blood pressure cuff so they had to get out the double wrap cuff to find a stinkin' vein. Even after that, she attempted a jab and it wasn't successful. And then I get my beeps to let me know I am done. Woohoo, five minutes and I was done!!!! And then they moved on to Hugh's other arm and I was up heading for my snack lol. The nurse said 'he'll be joining you soon cause if I can't get it, I'm not trying' lol. And sure enough, a couple of minutes later he was with me lol.

I have high pressurized veins lol. Everytime I give blood for my 3-month tests, it shoots out and hits the back of the vile they are collecting it into lol. So I was glad it was done in 5 minutes. I don't know how much longer I could have continued pumping that damn grip lol. Now that I know we can give blood, I'll definitely be doing it more often. It's one of the smallest things you can do to save someone else's life. And you never know when you will need someone to do the same for you ;)


Anonymous Karen Junge said...

At least you are doing your duty by giving blood. I wish I could. I use to give it once a year, But then I was dignosed with Lupus and I couldn't give any more blood

5:22 AM  
Anonymous U.S.MOM said...

Great job!!!!! Everyone should do something to help when thay can. I can't give blood at all. Back in '86 was the last time I gave blood and then fell asleep and slept for almost an hour. They realized that I had low blood iron (anemic)so was told not to give blood again until my iron leavel was higher. Pisser huh???
But in the same turn, I can't believe you were such a WHIMP on a finger prick lol. Toughen up!!!
Sorry for Hugh but, maybe next time they will be able to get-er done.
Great gift on anyone part. I'm proud of you!!!!

6:43 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Good for you, Christi! And good for Hugh for trying ;-)

Like I said last night, I can't give blood because the doctors have told me my veins are too small. When I have to get blood tests done they say it is hard enough filling up a few vials for testing, let along a whole bag! I'm bummed, because I've always wanted to do it. I tried in school when I was 16, went through the fingerprick (which DOESN'T hurt, you wuss!) and the interview, only to be told about my tiny veins.

Never mind, I am donating my entire body to medical science when I die (if they want it, lol) so that will hopefully make up for it!

8:06 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Hehehe, yes, I am a wuss lol. That finger prick hurt! I even showed Hugh last night and he goes 'man, you are going to bruise' lol, I said 'I told you it hurt' lol. But I kept rubbing it in his face that he needed to be nice to be because I gave blood and he didn't lol. And by the nurse telling him his veins weren't hydrated enough, I think made him finally realize he needs to drink water. He told her he had two glasses of tea that morning but she informed him that does not hydrate the body like water. He doesn't like water lol. I don't know how you can't like water?!?!? I told him he should be able to down a few glasses a day without problems lol.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

You've given birth to 2 babies and the finger prick hurt? LOL You just crack me up!

Good on you for giving blood though. Brendon has been donating for about 4 years now. I can't since I've been pregnant or breastfeeding for those last years. The time will come though that we can do it together.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Melissa Chesterman said...

Good on you Christi. When I lived in the States, I gave all the time but have not even one time since living here. I will try and make an appointment and give this week because of you. It is a simple quick process that in the end could save a why the heck not!!!

1:56 PM  

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