Monday, January 08, 2007

Our Week Away

We decided to head to Hamilton for a week the day after Boxing Day. We all really needed a break away. Usually we can only manage a couple of days and then we are back home. And the in-laws don't really have a big enough house to hold us all so I always feel cramped. But none the less we survived even if there were 'issues' a few times. We got to go strawberry picking and to Hamilton zoo. Kamryn and I also took a couple of days to head down to Tokoroa (gotta love that place lol). Leaving Hugh and Lauryn in Hamilton. It was good to get away and catch up with Melissa. Kamryn and Chloe get along sooooooooo much better than they did a year ago, it's amazing! They are like new best friends! It's always been the age gap (Chloe 9 months younger) that has stood in the way. But now Chloe is older and it's completely different. I felt a bit sad for Kamryn when Chloe's cousins came over since Kamryn didn't really fit in with them and obviously didn't know them. But it was really good! And while we were away Hugh took Lauryn to feed the ducks. He said she didn't really feed them but through bread at them or ran up to them with it lol. A week with the in-laws makes me wonder if I can seriously handle 3-4 months with my own mother lol. My saving grace will be that my mom will be working and won't be under my feet or watching my every move lol. (FYI: I really tried to finish Janine's challenge before we went but it was near impossible. I got all but two pages finished. I plan on posting them eventually.) Here's a few photos:

Dig those strawberry clothes!!! They were sooooooooo cute on the day! And my damn camera died just shortly after we started!

Ahhhhh, the zoo. I quite like Hamilton zoo. Obviously it doesn't have as much as Auckland but it's just a nice cute zoo. And they have the new are with zebras, giraffes and gazelles. And you can get soooooooo close! I was shocked at how close you could get. And below is a pic of spider monkeys with babies under their arms. It was soooooooo adorable! This is Lauryn's first time going to a zoo. And Kamryn's third with her last time being in 2004 before Lauryn was born.

Kamryn and Chloe at the Tokoroa pools. I really enjoy the pools there. Kamryn hasn't been to the pool in ages! I guess that's one of the benefits to living so close to the beach lol.

Lauryn and the ducks. Notice how the ducks are fine when Lauryn's back is turned??? LOL. And also notice how cow is right under her arm?


Blogger Hannah said...

Cute photos, Christi. Looks like you guys had a nice time away! I'd like to go the Hamilton zoo, I get annoyed with the Auckland one because it is so big and takes hours to get round the whole place. My kids love it though!

I love the strawberry outfits - so cute!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Looks like a great time! Funny, don't like the Hamilton Zoo. We went to the Auckland one last week with my brother in law and his family. I thought it was heaps better. But not so much fun to walk around pregnant.

I'm sad though that you were down for so long and we didn't get to catch up at all. Ah, maybe next time.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

You're girls are absolutely adorable!

4:49 PM  

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