Saturday, December 16, 2006

Beach Pic

This is how I imagine our summers to be.
On Tuesday we had a fish 'n' chip night with Lauryn's daycare at Arkle's Bay. It was a nice evening. We went down at 5 and stayed for an hour and a half. We sat under a tree in the shade and enjoyed our fish 'n' chips. Kamryn was overly keen to get on the beach and play in the sand. As a result she didn't eat much but was hungry when we left. Lauryn was a little unsure. She would venture over to the sand for a few moments then come running back just to make sure everything was ok. And just to reassure us lol. A few times Hugh walked them down to the water. Lauryn isn't keen on the water yet. Hopefully she'll be better with it this summer. And amazingly while we were there, Kamryn and Lauryn just naturally played together. There wasn't any fighting, pushing or screaming. They just played. Played in the sand and collected shells. It was awesome and it's how I imagine our times on the beach should be. Not always as such but it was very peaceful that day.


Blogger Hannah said...

Yeah, we've been spending heaps of time at the beach, and being so close we practically LIVE there during the really hot summer months. Rob and Tyler went down for a swim about an hour ago while I took Ethan Christmas shopping ;-) I'm sure Lauryn will get used to the water, the more she is exposed to it the better she'll be.

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