Friday, November 24, 2006


To all of you that have pop-ups for your comment section, it sucks!!! I can't view all the comments at all! And I can't even change the size of the box to be able to view them. What a pain! So I have to guess what has been said and assume in my reply that I am spelling things properly. And yes this is an option so it can be changed lol. I'm not stating I expect you to, I'm just saying don't think you can't do anything about it ;)

Disco - tonight is the kindy disco/dance/silient auction. I have to miss out :( due to work. And yes, I could miss work but I only work one day a week so I think it's important that I don't miss out on that one day lol. But it sounds like it will be heaps of fun!!! The silient auction alone is worth going, not that we have any dosh lol. And it will be cute to hear the kids sing. Maybe I'll practice with Kamryn today and try to get Hugh to video tape some for me.

Scrapbooking - I have done two layouts. Ok, completely finished one (had a rubon problem!) and finishing the other one today. Yep, I'll get pics to you, Hannah ;) And I'm trying to figure out how to get a 'sneak peek' shot of my layouts for Scrapbooking by Design. When I attempt it, I get too much of the photo and there is quite a lot of glare.

My Back - thanks for everyone's concerns re: my back. It's the same problem I had back in October. But this time I requested something stronger than Brufen which I forgot I had lol. So he offered up Codeine. I didn't turn him down lol. I'm managing quite well considering I couldn't even move when it happened. It's such a pain though cause I know it's there and I'm being extra careful doing anything. And I'm getting the pain up the left side of my back to my ribs and down the back of my left thigh. I'm getting surges and tingles. Sucks :(

Ok, this was only going to be a post about the annoying pop-ups but obviously I had more to say ;)


Blogger Hannah said...

Okay Missy!! I've changed my settings so my comments aren't a pop-up!! Personally I prefer them that way, because you can still see the original post while you're commenting. But hey, if it is bugging ya, I'd better fix it!! LOL!! So why can't you see any of them?? I haven't been having that problem. Is it something to do with your internet issues??

I'm sure the disco tonight will be fun. I'll take lots of photos. Though I'm sure Hugh will as well. I'm really excited about hearing the songs. Ethan's been practicing all day, LOL!! Tyler loves to sing the Santa Claus song with him! So cute!!

I'll be watching the silent auction closely when that boy bike comes up - hopefully we'll be able to get it!

2:45 PM  
Blogger dallas said...

I've just had a massive catch up on blog reading (see, kids being home sick CAN have advantages, lol) Huge congrats on your published layout, it's gorgeous. Happy Birthday to Lauryn - man she's cute, and that hair cut - seriously gorgeous, does she love it? She looks beautiful with it...I adore curls, and I have two princesses with dead straight hair! LOL

2:55 PM  
Blogger kiwicpk said...

LOL....ok well i dont even know if mine pop up.....and if so, how do i fix it :-)

3:10 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Kim - nope, no pop-ups lol. Do you even read your comments????

Hannah - I said no one had to change their settings. I'll have Hugh look into it. It's probably something he did afterall lol.

Dallas - yes she loves her hair! When I got ready to do it she said 'oh man, I just don't want it short like daddy's' lol. I don't think I could ever do that *gulp*. Yes, I am lucky my girls have been blessed with my girls and it doesn't help that daddy has wave lol. I'm just hoping Lauryn's stick around. They tend to toy with me but I think Kamryn's are her to stay. Let's hope puberity doesn't change that lol.

4:23 PM  
Blogger yaseen_nz said...

Well Christi I am hopelessly clueless with my new beta blog. Somehow I also have a Link to the post thing, which seems to work very well. No idea how that got there;p
I reckon I need to spend some time to read up on blogs etc.

As to curly hair,I remember how much I wanted straight hair for years and years... If only it wasnt for Mr Mean Frizz I'd be completely happy with my curly hair.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

I don't know why you can't do the pop up thing, I get annoyed when I go and type out a comment then realise the person hasn't allowed comments from people without a blogger, I love your published layout, wouldn't mind scraplifting it actually!! :)

11:34 AM  

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