Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Every Tuesday night you can always find Hugh and I sitting on the sofa watching poker on ESPN lol. I know, it probably doesn't seem like the sort of thing I would be into but I am. I must add too that I don't know how to play poker either lol. But I like watching. This is a game that is 95% luck! You can bluff all ya like but at the end of the day it's all about your cards. So really it's anyone's game; from the amateurs to the professionals. It's all up for grabs. The last couple of weeks we have been watching the World Series of Poker Main Event. Last years winner was an Australian (and I'm really over hearing 'ozzie ozzie ozzie' every damn ad break lol!). It's fun to watch the cocky ones getting eliminated when they think they can't be. But what's even better, is once you get down to a certain number of players left everyone is in the money. This one guy had barely saved $2000 in his life and he won $1.1 million at the age of 23 and left at number 12 or something. The main prize is $12 million. Even some of those in the 20s that were leaving with $494,000 sounded good to me lol. I'm not sure what the buy in is though. I told Hugh that my goal was to be a professional by the time I'm 40 lol. Guess I have to learn the game first. I reckon I would be a hard one to read but think I would have problems with betting and taking risks. Ok, so maybe it's not a realistic goal but if you have the luck of the cards then anything is possible ;)


Blogger Michelle said...

That's my dad's favorite "sport"! He does it all the time. He's pretty good at it too. He never shares the wealth though. Tight ass! LOL

9:09 AM  
Blogger yaseen_nz said...

Oh so you have a pokerface Christi 0.o I reckon go for it and dont forget your old acquaintances when you are a multi millionaire ;p

10:30 PM  

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