Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Loooooooooong Weekend!

We went away for Labour weekend to Hugh's parents in Hamilton. We don't usually go away that weekend because every nutto is on the road. But I needed to get away. With Hugh working 52-54 hours a week and my one work night a week, I was dying to get away even if it was to the in-laws! Well here is a run down of my weekend, which was a bit intense with Lauryn constantly crying for any and every reason!

*Met Hugh in Kingsland at 4:10. No worries getting into the city.
*Sat in traffic for about an hour and 10 minutes just trying to get out of Auckland and we got back on the motor way at Greenlane!! Traffic didn't clear until Papakura! Pathetic.
*Melissa arrived as soon as we did.
*Chinese takeaways for dinner. YUM!
*Melissa and I stay up until 5AM talking ;)

*Melissa and I out shopping. I acutally bought some much needed clothing for myself.
*Hugh took the girls to buy Pawpaw two new fish for his new cleaned pond. Kamryn enjoyed picking them out.
*Melissa left just after 3PM to head back to Tokoroa.
*Wanted to take some photos but it was windy and cold.
*Relaxed most of the day with kids in bed at 8PM.

*Got up and started getting ready for photos which were at 11AM.
*Took two hours to get everyone ready.
*Impossible photo shoot. Kamryn was sick so didn't smile and Lauryn was the biggest grouch ever!!! I was fed up after 10 minutes and completely fed up by the time we left about 30-40 minutes later. And was pretty pissed once I seen the price list. She took photos if her digital SLR and a 4x6 costs $50 and they go up about $50-75 when you go up a size! All the effort for nothing!
*Got to have a two hour nap while Hugh's mom watched the girls.
*Dinner was miserable. Since it was late the girls just ate something before bed. All weekend Lauryn kept saying 'done' but not actually eating anything and Kamryn was just hovering over her food without eating. A few threats and they finally finished!

*Pack everything up to head out. Lauryn woke up at 6 or something ridiculous. So was completely exhausted when we left at noon.
*Stopped in at KMart for Hugh to get some much needed pants. Lauryn complained, cried and screamed the whole time we were there.
*Left KMart and Lauryn fell out.
*Lauryn woke at Pokeno as we stopped for a BIG ice cream.
*From there the girls carried on annoying each other and being loud.
*Had to stop in Auckland to get Hugh's car. He took Lauryn with him.
*Home just after 4.

It was a decent weekend away. Kamryn started getting sick on the way down. Sneezing and scratching her throat. She was sick all weekend and not feeling good. Lauryn was a complete BRAT! I had enough of her all weekend. I got tired of her complaining and saying 'done' or 'more' or 'hungry' but all she wanted was junk. And having both of them in the car even for a 2 hour car ride was horrible. And getting stuck in traffic on the way down was the worst! I'm kinda glad to be home but wish I could be home without Lauryn lol. Shame I couldn't have left her somewhere. She's just rattling every last nerve I have!


Blogger Michelle said...

Well hmm...sounds like a National Lampoon's vaction. It's the kind we have in our house too. Glad you had fun with Melissa though.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, sounds like a weekend away with my two, only it is two boys, not girls! Don't you hate it when you come back from being away feeling more exhausted than when you left?

4:25 PM  
Blogger yaseen_nz said...

Sheesh Christi, sorry to hear you had such a 'full on'weekend... Sounds like you need a weekend away from your weekend away.
It's not fair that those little tykes have energy for 3 each;p Maybe now being back at home Lauryn will settle down a bit.
Very glad to hear you had some good times with Melissa!

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh dear. It is nice to get away, isn't it? But not when the kiddos are driving you nutty!! I imagine being away from home makes them a bit harder to handle, that seems to be the case with my boys as well. Ah well, you're home again now and at least you got to hang out with Melissa :-)

7:52 AM  

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