Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back Out - Internet Down

Well it appears that our internet has been down for all of today. Nice! Not that I needed to be on it but it's very frustrating when you want to look something up online and can't do it. Or that you can't even get into your damn e-mails!!!!

Then just before dinner while reaching to pick some junk mail off the coffee table, I threw my back out!!! I am dying, I swear! I am in horrible excruciating pain! Can barely walk, sit, stand. When it happened, I just fell to the floor unable to move. And believe me, I wasn't doing anything over the top while picking up the paper. This is worse that the hip/back pain I had some months ago. So I've been laid up on the couch all night with a hot wheatbag on my back. It's a good thing that I already had a doctor's appointment made for tomorrow but I am just hoping I can manage the kiddos on my own tomorrow. I can't bend at all so picking things up or picking Lauryn up will be a struggle let alone putting her in the car. Kamryn may have to miss kindy. So if I'm missing in action for a bit this will be why. And now I must go to bed before I kneel over in pain :(


Blogger Hannah said...

Sorry to hear about your back, Christi :-( Have you got some strong painkillers? Sounds like you need them! It is worth having some in the house for moments like that. I did the same thing once to my neck - couldn't move, in absolute agony, screaming (Rob was frightened). I went to the doctor, came home, took 4 Brufen and lay on the floor for an hour, and after that it was fine! I love Brufen! lol

Anyway, if you need me, you know where I am. I'm home today and tomorrow, I can help you out if you need it. ((Hugs))

11:16 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

OH, Brufen!!! I forgot all about that! I didn't think I had any thing strong in the house so had Hugh go out to get Nurofen lol. Might try and find that Brufen though. Thanks for the offer of assistance lol. I feel really old, man.

11:25 AM  

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