Monday, December 11, 2006

Our Sunday

With Hugh back to Thursday-Saturday work we try to make good use of our Sundays. This Sunday was the first and we just kept going lol. We headed out to a toy sale in Mairangi Bay. Got a few games and other bits, $24 later. Then on to Factory Frames at Vega Place which we were shocked to see they had moved to Apollo Drive. So then we popped in to Wendy's drive through for a quick value meal lunch. Then we headed off to Apollo Drive to Factory Frames. They do really good work here and have really great prices. We needed to get a name frame framed. We had one for Kamryn when she was only 3 months old and only just got around to doing Lauryn's from Sweet P Gifts. We were at Factory Frames longer than we liked because one of our favorite framers was back from Australia so we had a catch up. She was gone for 3 years so didn't even know about Lauryn. After Factory Frames we headed to Triton road to check out the new Scrapbookers Delight shop. Couldn't find it :( So stopped in at a factory giftware sale around the corner while Hugh went to look for the scrapbooking shop. At the giftware sale I got Lauryn a cow piggy bank which is sooooooooo cute! And Hugh was back and told me the scrapbook store was closed. Then we headed into Albany to have a look at the new toy store where EdEx used to be. I was on a mission here. When I stayed at Rachel's in December 2002, there was a map in her son's room. It was a world map and it was huge but it was a kid's map. Very very cool! Well after years of looking I haven't been able to find one. So Dale gave me a tip that they had some. Since it's been so many years since I was at Rachel's, I can't remember if this is the same one or not but we got it anyway. It's soooooooo cool! Hugh will get it laminated and then it will go in the girl's room. Then of course when you are in Albany at this shopping area you have to go into Pumpkin Patch and JK. LOL, ok, maybe I just have to! Pumpkin Patch had some cute things but nothing I could afford :( But JK had the cutest strawberry clothes ever!!! And when we take the girls strawberry picking, I like to have them wearing strawberry clothes lol. Don't ask why, it's just something I think looks very cute in photos! So I bought 2 pairs of denim capris, two strawberry tops, a strawberry print fabric belt, a strawberry night gown and one beach towel lol. And they had cute matching strawberry shoes but nothing in my girls' sizes :( And then after all of that, like that wasn't enough, we headed to get our Christmas tree. That was fun. Lauryn was past it by then. We got home about 3PM, put her to bed and then decorated the tree with Kamryn. It was a very long Sunday. But I at least feel like we accomplished something ;)


Anonymous Janine said...

hell that was power shopping Christi!! Sounds like a successful day though.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

My MIL got Luke that map from a place called Tapui Children's Books in Dunedin. I was disappointed when Luke ripped it one day, and it was never quite the same (we did try to get it laminated, but the map was too large for their largest piece of laminate). So in the end it was thrown out : (
Where did you get your map from and could you please send me a photo of it. I'd like to replace the one that we used to have!

10:36 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

PS: I think it was along the lines of this one (from memory):

10:44 AM  
Blogger kiwicpk said...

Ohhh my gosh that was the last time I saw you Christi. I still remember having a lovely afternoon with you and Rachel and your littlies.

Id love to see the map as well Christi - that would be a great idea for Alexanders room, as he has relations all over the world and it would be cool to point out where they are to him.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Wow, that was a busy day!
Scrapbookers Delight aren't open on sundays.
The girls will look so cute in all that strawberry gear.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Love the idea of strawberry clothes for strawberry picking - so cute! You were on a power shopping day! I love the idea of the map - we are looking for a really big map of the solar system (yep that was a hint - LOL)you Aucklanders have the edge on us Southlanders - more shops!

12:20 PM  

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