Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lauryn's Crawling - YAY!

Well she is finally doing it! It's taken 10.5 looooooooong months but she is finally doing it. For a while she has been pulling herself around while on her belly and just moving her hands to move her around. On Sunday she was actually started to get on her hands and knees and do it "properly". It's sooooooooo cute to watch! I forgot what crawling was like and Kamryn didn't exactly stay in that stage very long. So now she is crawling everywhere!!! She doesn't find it necessary to crawl all the time as most things are within easy reach once she's crawled about 4 feet lol! So she will still happily sit and play but is definitely mobile now. I'm happy about it and can now relax about off-handed comments that have been made to me. And last night she pulled up on Kamryn's little chair! Shocked me! She loves standing up but will generally only hold on to me and I practice her lifting herself as she 'pulls' up on me. But last night she did it on her own. I really don't want walking to be just around the corner. I once said that I thought it would be cute if she was walking by her first birthday but now I'm not so sure. As long as she wasn't mobile yet I still felt like she was 'my baby'. So YAY for my little girl!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ever Wondered........

How attractive a redneck hillbilly is? Wonder no more, have a look:

These are the type of men that the world could do without. Why type a message to a wonderful person to say you can't stand her online ad pic? Only to what, hurt her feelings? Make her feel bad? Why do people like this go out of their way to hurt other people? The funny thing is, is that she didn't even message him. He simply came across her ad and found it necessary to tell her that he didn't like her pic and that it made him want to throw up. Come on!!!! Is this all the world has to offer? No, I know it's not all it has to offer. But we all know that it only takes a few people to make us think that this is all the world as to offer and we give up hope. This man has nothing better to do then to go along and make someone else's day shitty simply because he is feeling shitty. Get a hobby, dude! Lucky for him, Jamie doesn't take this sort of thing to heart and can move past it. But like me she wonders why he even bothered wasting his precious time to leave such a horrible message if she wasn't worth his time lol! How fucked is that? This is the twisted shit thinking I had to deal with in the States too. I am glad I am happily married and far far away from Fuckedupville! Jamie, good on ya for not letting this effect ya, you probably handle this better than I would. (((HUGS)))


There are very few issues that I feel strongly about and would argue over with someone. Two of these issues are natural childbirth and breastfeeding. I have seen and experienced both sides of each issue so there isn't much one could say to sway me to think otherwise.

How gobsmacked am I to read that Britney Spears chose to have a c-section so she could avoid giving birth naturally!!! How nice of her to influence our young people that c-section is a great choice if you don't want to pass a baby through your vagina! And she may say that she isn't influencing anyone and it was her personal choice. Ok, she's right, it is her personal choice but one solely based on her not wanting to 'go through the pain'. And she's wrong if she doesn't think she won't influence young girls. I think c-section is run rampant in the States and getting ever more popular here too. Women say 'I'm too scared of the pain, I don't think I can handle it'. Well how do you know if you can or can't if you don't try? And I don't think laboring to 5cm and saying 'ok, I want a c-section now' is even trying. I think every woman should have a natural first birth. EVERYONE! Unless otherwise capable. The thing is, is most women don't know their thrushhold for pain. Some will say they do but they really don't as giving birth is a completely different pain that you will ever experience. And fine, if you are the biggest wimp ever then have a c-section next time. No woman knows what their first birth will be like, no one. No woman knows what the second one will be like but ya have a pretty good idea about the pain and such. I say embrace all that you have as a woman and get informed. Find out all there is to know about the choices and decisions you make or are about to make. I don't care if your doctor is the best there is on the Earth, that doesn't mean he/she knows what's best for you or your baby. Too many times in the States women are influenced by their doctors. I've seen and heard it over and over again. But some women just don't want to know and remain ignorant.

The same goes for breastfeeding. I would be shocked to know if Britney Spears was breastfeeding! Afterall we all know that breasts are there purely for the entertainment of men and they have absolutely no function. Hogwash!!! But a majority of women have been made to think this way. Ok, not so much in New Zealand but many people think this way in the States. I think every woman should give breastfeeding a go as well. Anything worth doing takes time and perseverance. It doesn't happen over night. Of course I know some women can't breastfeed for whatever reason but I'm telling ya right now that a HUGE majority can no matter what excuse they tell themselves or everyone else. Again, I have been on both sides of this fence. And even though I couldn't breastfeed my oldest past 6 weeks that didn't stop me from trying with our new baby and I did it successfully for 6 months. But I also knew what to do and how to approach it. These baby months and years are too short. I know for me, if I didn't attempt natural childbirth or breastfeeding I would often wonder years from now what it would have been like. I am glad I have experienced both. And having had a c-section, I'm hear to say who in their right mind really wants this surgery????????? HONESTLY! Get strong about your decisions and stand up for them, who else will? Embrace being a woman and what we can do, we were made for this. Don't hand it off to some average joe doctor who thinks he/she knows best. This is what sets us apart and having children is the most beautiful thing in the world, don't let someone spoil that!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Dolphins Spotted!

Today has been a beautiful sunny spring day! Nice enough for all of us to venture down to the beach and enjoy the sun and sand! As I was sitting on the sand with a grouchy Lauryn, Hugh and Kamryn went to the car to get Kamryn's doll stroller. Well I heard something in the water and looked to the left and seen a group of fins going in and out of the water!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! At first my heart started racing quickly thinking it was a shark, logically, I knew otherwise but when I see a fin that is the first thing I think.

I yelled for Hugh twice but he didn't hear me. An older couple told him about it. So he ran to the blanket and grab the camera. The dolphins gradually made their way across the bay and out to the ocean. I'm telling ya all right now, they were soooooooo close I probably could have thrown a rock at them! I have never seen them so close to land before it was amazing!!! And I have never seen them down on our beach which made it all the more exciting. At first we weren't sure if they were dolphins or killers whales (as Hugh has seen a couple up north while fishing) but after a bit of research we now know they are dolphins. Truly amazing and a magnificent sight! Everyone up and down the beach were peering into the sun getting a glimpse but we were on the perfect end of the beach where they just swam right by. Awesome!

New Babies

Here we are once again! It always seems to sneak up on us some how and I guess it is spring after all. With spring in the air and it being so nice and warm outside it's only fitting that we now have baby lambs and calves frolicking in the fields. I love all the baby animals and Kamryn enjoys them just as much. A lady from work, Emma, has gotten two baby lambs and said I could bring the girls around some time to see them. Which I might just do!

On to the current topic though! Our cat Smokey has just given birth to two little kittens. It happened sometime last night. I knew she was ready to give birth all day as she kept growling at me when I came into the computer room. Yes, she decided that under the end of my scrapbooking table in the dark corner was the best place to give birth. So I was at least able to lay down an old shirt of Hugh's. And before we went to bed last night, I check on her and there were two little black kittens! I thought she may have more overnight but nope, just the two. We also have 7 baby rabbits at the moment too. Spring is definitely here!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Husband Throws a Tanty!

First I want to start by mentioning that generally my husband is clued in and isn't so bad considering what I ask of him but then some days he just really pisses me off! I work on Wednesdays. Ok, that's something that happens every Wednesday, it's not spontaneous. As per usual our Wednesday was rushed again today. I need to get my handouts organized and printed. Hugh had to get the cat to the vet and the girls to the doctor at 11:30. I had to leave for work at 11:45. So the morning was very rushed and I didn't have time to explain in detail what needed to be done. I get home from work at 3:30 (class ran over) and nothing had been cleaned or picked up, the baby was awake, had only had one bottle and Hugh didn't even manage to get formula for the next bottle. One Lauryn should have had lunch already, another bottle already and she should have been sleeping at 3:30 (kept her up late) instead of having her lunch. Ok, whatever, that didn't bother me. We go to pick Kamryn up from day care and are on our way to the grocery store. Kamryn's making obscenely loud noises in the back seat and I asked Hugh what she had for lunch. Do you know what he says???????? Come on, guess? A raspberry lamington cause that is all they had time for! Nice lunch for a 3 year old! I asked why and he said cause they didn't get out of the doctors office until 12:40 and their appointment was at 11:30 and Kamryn needed to be at day care at 1:00. So I said don't ever let her go to day care with having only ate that. You could have taken her late to day care as long as she ate properly. So he gets thoroughly pissed and slams on the brakes and pulls over and says 'you do everything then, I'm walking home'. Whatever! So he gets out and proceeds to walk home and I go grocery shopping. Now I have to leave for work again at 6:15 which he knows and it's already like 4:45. As I'm heading home from shopping, I see him walking so I pull over (nearly hit him with the car) and tell him to get in cause I have to be at work (it's nearly 6:00 by now). He ignores me and keeps walking. So I drive on home and he walked through the door at 6:10. In the meantime I am having to deal with feeding rabbits, getting Kamryn in the bath, trying to get Lauryn to sleep and getting my beginners handouts sussed all while he is bloody casually walking home knowing I have this class. I don't even get out of the house until 6:45. How nice is that? How stupid am I going to look showing up unprepared? Obviously a lack of consideration for my job!

And now! I get home and do you think that anything has been done? Absolutely not! And as a nice welcome home sign there's a basket full of unfolded laundry sitting in the chair, kids toys all over the living room floor, and Hugh's in bed at 9:30! What do ya do with that????? It took him an hour and a half to walk home but he obviously didn't think about me or what I needed to get done. What's the point? Really what is the point? When he throws his tantrums all the world stops and it's all about him throwing his fit and you just have to get over it when he does. That's not right. So him and our neighbor and *&%#-off together!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Idiot Neighbor

We've been living in this house for a year now which means our one year lease is up. In order to renew our lease, the landlords have to do an inspection just to make sure you aren't tearing things up. As they looked around they mentioned our spotty carpets. I often worry about this when it comes to an inspection because kids will be kids and I can't help that every house we have seemed to live in has damn off white carpet! So obviously our carpet is spotty from bananas, juice, chocolate cake, you name it, it's probably in our carpet! And Kamryn's 'grape juice' doesn't exactly help much and neither does the banana Lauryn insists on throwing on the floor that leaves dark black spots. When she mentioned the spotty carpets, Hugh quickly chimes in with 'we are getting them cleaned for the summer'. Ok, not sure when this will happen since money isn't flowing freely around here. Then when Hugh is signing another lease for the next year, she mentions that the neighbor has said something about the property being untidy. What?!?!?! Isn't if funny how you never hear from your neighbors and when you do it's through your landlord because of a complaint he bloody makes over some pots out the front of our door!!!!!! Do people really have nothing better to do then complain about some plastic pots just opposite our front door? He lives to the right of us, so obviously when he goes to bed the distraction is such that he can't get to sleep properly!!!!! I mean, come the *bleep bleep bleep* on! This stuff is really just stupid and petty to me. And I get seriously upset over this because it is so stupid. I told Hugh that he could complain about something more legit like our 3 rabbit cages or something. And Hugh said 'no he isn't going to complain about that cause he can't see it from his deck'. How retarded! Damn Swiss Nazi!!!! I truly hate people like that and think he has never obviously had kids or could give a shit about what goes on in our life as long as he has a pleasant view! And I say 'UP YOURS, OLD MAN! GET OVER IT!'

Friday, September 02, 2005

Missing in Action

Just when I think I have a good number of friends, a majority of them go missing! I understand that most are probably busy as am I. But even a small e-mail to say 'I'm doing well just having a hard time e-mailing and thinking about you' ;) would be nice and let me know at least you have not forgotten me or that I haven't in some way, shape or form pissed ya off. Fifteen days is a long time to go without hearing anything between close friends. I just always think that I can't be so busy that I forget about my friends or even drop them a short e-mail to let them know what is or has been going on. Ok, Jessie, if you read this, I am ok with you only e-mailing me every couple of months as your situation is completely different than most! I also believe I am probably not as big a priority as other friends but I think it's only fair that I am a priority. Ok, I don't expect to be a priority over family and children, that's just silly. But on a friendship level, I expect to be a priority. How else does one maintain a friendship if you don't make your friends a priority? Ok, I am done with my rant for today but none the less it will probably come up again in another 15 days lol!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

What's in a Nickname?

I'm not sure what sparked the discussion between Hugh and I yesterday but I learned that he doesn't really care for my choice of nickname for Lauryn. The nickname I use for her is Chubby. I don't know why it has stuck or where it came from. I think it might have come from the fact that she hasn't actually ever been chubby. Ya know, that reverse nickname stuff like when big guys are called Tiny or Slim or something of that nature. I have called Lauryn Chubby for probably about 7 months. Hugh never stressed that he had problems with it. He simply told me yesterday that he thought there were better names I could use instead of Chubby. I pointed out to him that he used it as well and he said he tried not to. He says Chubs instead of Chubby. He prefers his nickname for her which is Little Miss which I hate! Kamryn calls her both Chubby and Little Miss. I know my friend, Melissa, doesn't care much for Chubby either and says I might as well call her Fatty lol. I'll obviously stop calling her Chubby at some stage. I just wish I could *think* of a better nickname. Oh, yes she responds to both Lauryn and Chubby, not Little Miss so much!

Now Kamryn's nickname has been one she has had since she was born. Her nickname is Pookie. It started out being Puka. From there it went on to Pookie and sometimes it's Pooks or Pook-a-mundy. Sometimes I have caught Hugh just saying Mundy. More often then not these days it's Pooks. When she was a baby I liked calling her a little puka and I thought puka looked Maori. (Don't question me as to why I wanted her to have a Maori looking nickname lol!) So it just stuck. Often people wonder why we named her Pookie lol. Too funny really! For a while we probably used her nickname more than her given name. I know again many people thought the nickname was odd. But forever she will be known as Pookie, Pooks or Pook-a-mundy. It's just stuck. Hugh and I never disagreed over her nickname. I guess we just have to sort out one we can agree on for Lauryn.

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