Saturday, November 19, 2005

Scrapbook Gallery

I've just signed up to to post my scrapbooking pages online. It's an overall scrapbooking community. I've posted the link to the left so you can all visit anytime you want and see my new and probably some old layouts I have done. You can also sign up and post a comment or two if ya like! Thanks, Hannah, for the idea, just wish I had done it sooner. This way everyone can see them and I don't have to worry about sending too large of an e-mail!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bird Flu

Ok, yes, I will admit it, I'm paranoid about this damn flu! Not that it is here yet but still with the ministry announcing it's now a pandemic still makes me very very nervous. Hugh seems to think it's a tad bit unwarranted. But the other night while watching Nightline, they said when it hits an average of 10,000 a week will die. WHAT??? See it's not a matter of if any more but when. I'm very worried. I didn't have kids just to see them die from some damn flu. Nor can I imagine my whole family being wiped out because of this. What is the point in having another baby in 2 years time??? Hugh doesn't have much info on the whole thing so I have told him that as head of our family it is his job to find out what is best for us as a family. Now I haven't gone out and bought all the rations for 3 weeks but I will be starting it next week. Every little bit will help for when we aren't allowed to leave our houses. I guess I never realized that we would be seeing anything like this in our lifetime.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Big Girl

On Lauryn's birthday we had her weighed and measured. More out of interest than anything. I was sure she was up to 20lb (about 10kg) but the Plunket nurse and Hugh weren't hugely convinced as she was only just on 18lb 8oz 3 months ago. Anyway, Hugh took her in and she now weighs 22lb (10kg) and is 30 inches long (76.5cm)!!! I tought wow, that weight is impressive. Then I had a look in her Plunket book. And she has had a major growth spurt in 3 months time! At 9 months she was 18lb 8oz (8.42kg) and was 27 3/4 inches long (70.5cm). Now she is 75% for height and just under 75% for weight. I think a lot of the growth was contributed to her crawling. She's building that muscle now and probably eating more in the process. She's now my big little girl :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

And the Festivities are Over!

THANK GOODNESS! I was more stressed today without a party! Probably more so because if my husband knows people are due to come over then he really pitches in. But otherwise it doesn't bother him. Where I am thinking about all and anything that will be captured on video or in photos.

Anyway, it's over! I'm glad it's over! Lauryn was crabby and pushed to breaking point. Kamryn kept wanting to open the presents (taking turns) thinking half the gifts were hers. Lauryn wouldn't even sit long enough for a great shot. Although I did get many good ones. She only smiled once throughout the whole day. It must be the stage she is at or something cause she didn't smile at all at PixiFoto the other day either. But she loooooooooved her cake! I made her a marble chocolate cake and she did not hesitate to dig in once the candles were out! She pigged out on cake and ice cream. AND now they are both wired!!!!!!!! But she did look ultra cute in her wee little pigtails. Her dress is also the same one that Kamryn wore on her first birthday. So we will be keeping it a tradition and in the family if there is another daughter down the road she'll wear it too.

She got many nice gifts. Her all time favorite for the day is this battery operated Winnie the Pooh book that Grammy Marge got her. She loves it! She also really likes the yellow Care Bear that Grammy Marge got her and the black and red peek-a-boo blocks that we got her. OH, and the little yellow ducks that her and Kamryn keep playing with lol! It was a nice day but I am glad it's over now and maybe next year will be better. Maybe ;)

Birthday Girl

Today my baby is 1!!! I'm in two minds over this really. I'm happy to be celebrating her first year of life and I'm happy to welcome the second. Although, it is truly bittersweet to think that we have come this far in a year and she is actually a year old. These months and years go by too fast and unfortunately with baby months/years you are more consummed with doing for them that you miss the good times or forget to just 'enjoy them'. With Lauryn I have been able to enjoy her more and this is probably why I am able to welcome the second year easier with less tears and more strength! Here's a photo of my birthday girl on her special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christi Needs

Following the ever popular trend set forth by my fellow blogger friends, I'm checking google to see what I need...... (go to google and type in your name and needs after it)

Christi needs open mind (I reckon I am pretty open minded.)
Christi needs an af2 team (I'm not totally sure what an AF2 team is, maybe football but sure I'll take a team as long as I don't have to play ;)
Christi needs qualified individuals to fill positions (What positions? House cleaner? Babysitter? Sex slave? If that's the case then yes I fully expect them to be qualified.)
Christi needs a second tourism (Now, I don't just let anyone tour me!)
Christi needs a Zoological Park (Sure why not? My husband would probably love it.)
Christi needs some perspective (On what?)
Christi needs your help as we grow! (Any financial support will be greatly appreciated!)
Christi needs constant attention and regular maintenance (ONLY every once and a while!)
Christi needs your support! (Again, any financial support will do.)
Christi needs to both defeat visiting Bossier-Shreveport on Sunday (Well I'm not expecting company but if someone has to defeat them then I can do it!)
Christi needs to take bold new measures to deal with the problem (Hmmmm, sometimes, I think yes.)
Christi needs to publish a public service announcement on flyers and distribute them amongst the young men about town (Owww, is there something going on with the young men in town?)
Christi needs to sort out her feelings and lose herself in a world she feels very secure and safe in. (I do feel pretty safe and secure in my world and don't think I would like being lost lol!)
Christi needs some good looking guys (Anytime I can get them!)
Christi needs wholehearted commitment from all of us, and sometimes it can feel like more than we are able to give. (AMEN!)
Christi NEEDS four checking up on her (Four what? LOL, no really, four what and why?)
Christi needs to stop telling people she has a tail (And with that my friends, you all now know my secret!)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Abnormal Cells

Well today I had a repeat pap smear after having one come back abnormal six months ago. Now I have to say that my MALE GP did my smear 6 months ago and was rather 'quick' about it. And after it was done, I didn't hear anything for 3 weeks. He said if I didn't hear anything then that would mean everything was normal. So imagine my shock when I got the abnormal result in the mail. I know most women find this prodedure uncomfortable and not the less we endure it for health reasons.

So today the test was done by a FEMALE nurse. She also went into more detail about an abnormal smear than my GP did. She said that 1/3 of women return to normal after an abnormal one, a 1/3 of women continue to have abnormal smears but they don't get worse, and the last 1/3 get worse results. So I'm thinking, great, wonderful! My GP just acted like it was nothing. She also said that if this one comes back normal then I will be referred onto a gynocologist for further testing. Lovely!

She then starts asking me how my 'water works' are. I say that lately I am barely making it to the bathroom and when I have to go, I have to go. She said that she would check my pelvic floor muscles during the exam and also said that 'you are carrying a bit of weight down there'. Gee, nice of her to make me aware that I am FAT and have a HUGE gut putting pressure on my pelvic floor. How elated was I when during the exam she asked me to tighten my pelvic muscles and I almost squeezed her fingers off!!!! Later she is talking about holding my pee while peeing to see how strong my muscles are. I say I can do that and I hold it quite well, thank you! I said at least I know where my pelvic floor muscles are as some women do not. And she further agreed with me.

Anyway, the exam was long and drawn out. And uncomfortable. Then she couldn't find my cervix. I'm thinking, I know it's in there because I've had kids. Then she tries locating it with her fingers and pushing on my belly saying 'well I won't be able to find it through there'. Another fat jab!!!!!!! I couldn't win! She finally finds my cervix and goes 'there it is, one cervix'. At this point I am wondering if this 50-year old lady is competent to even be doing this lol! So now I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for a result in a weeks time. I've never had an abnormal smear and I'm religious about getting them once a year so yes I am a bit paranoid.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saved Two Bunnies

Ten days ago our rabbit, Precious, had 9 bunnies! This is huge for a mini lop. Most only have 4/5 so 9 is seriously unheard of. Well I found one dead in the nest so that brought the number down to 8. I was concerned as I didn't think she could manage all 8. Mini lops only have 6 nips so I was sure someone was going to be left out! The next day when I went to check on them, 4 were out of the box, 2 of the 4 were really cold and another had died. I wasn't impressed. So my mothering instinct kicked in and I grabbed the four and put them in my shirt. I brought them in the house and put a towel on a warmed wheat bag. Then I covered them up hoping the wheat bag would warm them. Out of the 4 there were two that were seriously small and only about 1 1/2 inches long. I could see their ribs so I figured they probably hadn't eaten since being born.

Once they were warmed up, we decided to put the two biggest ones back with their mother. Two days before Precious had her nine, Carmel had 2 little ones. Since she only had the two we decided to put the two smallest ones in with her. This could have caused problems and I was seriously worried as we have never done this before. There was never a reason for it. I didn't know if our smell would put her off them and kick them out. I didn't know if she would neglect all 4. I didn't know if she would just kill them because they weren't hers. Her 2 little guys were already thriving and about 3 times the size of the small ones we were going to add to her box. So we popped them in and gave Carmel a few encouraging words lol.

Later that night we checked again. She ended up getting one outside of the box but she was 'sitting' on him to keep him warm. I was happy about that, she was doing the right thing. I have checked them nearly everyday since putting them in. And I have to say that we couldn't have picked a better rabbit to feed and care for 2 others that weren't her own. I checked yesterday and they are thriving well! Her original 2 are still huge in comparison to the littlies but to see them yesterday you wouldn't even think they are the same two! They are still on the small side but their bellies are huge and you can tell they are getting enough to eat! I'm so chuffed that we managed to save these little guys by doing the right thing as it was a risk. And I'm sooooooo proud of Carmel too!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Don't Think So

The other night at the dinner table, I looked right at Kamryn and said 'you look so much like your dad'. To which she replied with a smirk 'I don't think so' lol. Hugh and I died laughing! Laughing so hard and loudly that Lauryn started crying!

I'm a Princess

Ok, well no I'm not. But Kamryn keeps saying she wishes I was one. Lately it seems when she is in trouble, through her tears she is saying 'I wish my mommy were a princess'. Now I am not sure what this means. I'm not sure if she views me as the ugle stepmother or just as mean. I have asked her what that means and she just says 'I want you to be a princess'. So I say how can I be a princess. To which she replies 'I just want you to be a princess'. Ok, I'm stuck. One day I managed to get out of her that she wanted me to dress like a princess. I don't have any princess garb and said mommy didn't need to dress like a princess and she could be the princess. I may have to sort out something though to see what it brings.

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