Saturday, January 27, 2007

Locks of Love

I have decided I want to donate my hair to Locks of Love. This is a wonderful organization in the US that makes hairpieces from real hair for kids under 18 who suffer from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. And after looking at the site last night, I realized that your hair only needs to be a minimum of 10 inches from it being pulled into a ponytail or braid. And curly hair can be pulled straight to make the 10 inches which makes me happy ;) My hair is the longest it's ever been in my whole life but most wouldn't know that because I wear it up all the time. And the biggest reason I do this is because my hair is ULTRA thick. So with the curliness and the thickness, it can be a pain on most days. But instead of just whacking it off, I thought I would continue to let it grow throughout the winter until I go home in a few months. I had Hugh check for me last night and from a ponytail to the longest bit, it's 11 inches. Which is nearly half my hair. But then the other half is only 7-8 inches (damn layering lol). So I have a fair bit to grow in the next few months. My hair doesn't grow length real quickly but it grows thickness in a matter of weeks. So this could be interesting but I'll definitely be taking photos cause I know after it's cut, it won't be that long again lol.

***If anyone knows of an organization that does this in New Zealand, please let me know. I know a few people that would be interested in doing this here but we aren't sure if it's done here.***


Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Christi!

Nikki is looking at doing the same thing. I cannot remember who she emailed and got an answer from. I think it was the cancer society of NZ. Might want to check there. I'll ask Nikki as well to job my memory and let you know.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

What a neat thing to do, Christi! If I had the patience to grow my hair long again (you've seen that photo of how long it USED to be) I would seriously consider doing this. But since I've had short hair (about 6 years now) I just can't handle it being long, lol. Mine is also really thick and it just gets so heavy and hot, especially in summer. I'm in need of a good cut right now!! ;-)

You'll definitely need to take lots of pics before you cut it! And you're right, I don't think many people realise how long (and beautiful) your hair is because you always wear it up. I love it when you wear it out ... and you know Rob commented on it that time he saw you at Kindy ;-)

Anyway, I can see you getting some really nice professional shots with your long hair before cutting it, they would look so awesome! And a great memory, especially if you don't grow it back again.

8:59 PM  

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