Sunday, May 29, 2005

7 Mandarins and a Banana

Kamryn got out of bed early this morning and while I continued to sleep she was up to no good! I finally rolled out of bed and walked into the kitchen thinking 'mmmm, smells quite citrusy in here'. Then I noticed the seven mandarins lined up on the chair and a banana on the other chair. Now I vaguely remember telling her she could have the banana but not the mandarins. Then I looked further and all the mandarin peels where in a laundry basket. So can you guess what Kamryn had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks throughout the day???? Yep, mandarins and a banana! Well she refused to eat any it (not that she doesn't like them but probably had enough from the morning) and by bedtime I reckon she was starving. As Hugh and I sat down to have our nachos she wanted some. So again I told her if she wants to peel something then she needs to eat it and then I let her have some of my dinner. I didn't think she would eat it to begin with as it was rather peppy. But she did! So she must have been hungry and was taking a drink after every bite lol.

Lauryn has a bruised bottom lip. Not because we have done anything to her but because she sucked it so hard while in her jolly jumper that it is now blue and purple! Surely it would have hurt while she was sucking it??? Doesn't seem to bother her though.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Ok, stole Rachel's idea! Sorry Rachel but I have absolutely no original ideas of my own :( I know I am pathetic, you do not have to remind me or tell me!

Well what's new, you ask???? Hmmmmm, not much! Have started getting tougher on Kamryn......again. When you lose all hope or you think you are doing a bad job as a parent just watch an episode of Dr. Phil to make you realize you are doing well and you are on the right track!! Some would say I am not tough enough on Kamryn. However, I believe I am and a majority of what she is going through has to do with her personality and independence coming through. Some people should just realize this.

Lauryn is thriving and grouchy lol. She has eczema at the moment which the doctor assures me is only temporary. Good, already figure she will have enough skin problems when puberty hits don't need to add something else. She is saying 'dada' too. Not on purpose, I know, but that is what is coming out of her mouth these days. And man is she chatty! Not much to report on the development stages. She isn't doing anything but rolling over. Sitting up is close but not that close and forget ever crawling! The girl loves her feet to much to actually bother with anything else!

Ok, just a wee intro post so I can see what this looks like! Rachel, sorry I'm a pathetic friend that steals your ideas!

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