Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Kamryn's last day of daycare was last week. And today they did a play for the parents for Christmas. Kamryn was the cow. She didn't do much but her outfit sure was cute! She's not very outgoing and shys away from this sort of thing. What makes a child introverted rather than extroverted? I want her to come out of her shell and be confident in doing things. Still, I much rather have a child that is nice in public and acts right than have one that is an angel at home only to find out when she is at daycare she's a right bully or loud and obnoxious!

For me, I want Kamryn to be a happy medium. I don't want her to feel she can only have one friend or forced to stay friends with someone even though she doesn't want to. On the flip side, I also don't want her to bully kids and be mean as such. We often talk to her about this. She's quite a loving, giving, caring and nice little girl. She often comments how pretty other little girls look or if she likes their clothes. She also goes out of her way and says 'hi' to many people (even if it's not always returned, adults do this too!). She loves giving things to others, she likes making them things. I really feel some little girls are nasty out there. I seen one today at the play. These are the things I don't want to see. Cause as a mother I feel I should step in but I know sometimes you just have to stand back and hope they can handle themselves.

And back to the play lol! Afterwards there was food and even Santa made a visit minus one Santa hat lol! It was nice even though a bit crowded. Here's a photo of Kamryn has a cow and one of her with her gift from Santa and by the star she made for the back drop.


Yes, Lauryn is walking. I'm not sure how official it is though. She doesn't prefer walking to crawling yet but she is doing a fair bit more of it then she was before. And do you think we have managed to videotape any of it? Not one bit. As soon as you get out the camera she falls or drops to her bum! It is cute to watch. She concentrates a fair deal when she is doing it and it helps if she has her eye focused on something too. What a wee tot!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Steve Up Close

Tonight was the NZ Idol concert. And can you believe we were exactly TWO ROWS from the stage!?!?!?!? I was most impressed that I could be so close. I have to admit on group songs, I had pure tunnel vision for Steve. I even got a few smiles!!! Carol actually stood up and went to touch his hand. She tried to share with me but it wasn't the same :(

The show was fabulous! Ashley looked bored as hell, Nik looked ultra hot in his tight pants (and might I add what a fine ass he has!), Jessie rocked and Steve was just ultra hot! I think his lips are his best feature and soooooooo loving the hair! Oh yeah, there were 3 others lol.

Afterwards we stood in line for autographs. I'm not brazen at all. I talk a good game but deep down I am ultra shy and introverted. I didn't want anyone else's autograph but Steve's. When I got to him I said 'legibly please', just joking of course, trying to get him to notice me. Then he looked at me and went 'huh?'. After he signed it he moved it on to Jessie and Jessie said 'is this just for Steve?'. Of course I said no and he signed too. After a short crying spell lol.

I had an awesome night and I keep telling the girls we need to get out for a night out. A REAL NIGHT OUT! So I think I have them suckered into my birthday lol. We'll see but not I am off to fantasize and dream about Steve............sweet dreams, ya all!

PS: Might I mention we were allowed cameras. But guess where mine was? AT HOME! DOH!!?!?!?!?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Three Steps Forward

On Thursday Lauryn took 3 steps! She's been toying with the idea of letting go and taking a few steps but doesn't quite manage it. She's solid on her feeting and moving around the furniture but as soon as she let's go, it's like she has forgotten how her feet work. She basically lunges herself at us if she is to move from something to us. Good thing we think to catch her! She's trying to also get up straight from the middle of the floor without holding on to anything. I think she'll be walking in another month. I got her little push along thing out today and she took straight to it. I've got Kamryn moving it for her when she hits a wall since she can't steer lol. I'm definitely happy for her to continue crawling for a while but I must confess that I'm eager for her to walk so I can put some dresses on her!

Shared Room

I've finally decided it's time for Kamryn and Lauryn to share a room. I would like to be able to scrapbook at night without having the baby wake up. I wasn't sure how to tackle this though as I haven't had suggestions from anyone and most friends have houses big enough for each child to have their own room, we do not.

The first night didn't go well. I threatened Kamryn but after two hours of them in there giggling, I took Kamryn out to sleep in our room. Right away Lauryn dozed off. So I knew putting them down together wouldn't work. Putting Lauryn down before Kamryn and waiting until Lauryn was asleep to put Kamryn to bed didn't work either. Kamryn's done numerous things to wake her sister. So we have resorted to letting her sleep in our bed and then moving her before we go to bed. It seems to work but it is a lot of work. Hopefully she'll get it soon.

The other night she asked if she could please sleep in her bed. Then she followed it up with 'I'll be a good girl and not wake Lauryn'. I figured it was worth a try since she had to be tired. Not more than 5 minutes alone and Lauryn was screaming. Kamryn had 'snapped her hair'. I'm only to understand this as pulled her hair. Either way, Kamryn was back in our bed. Hugh says we just can't trust her and we only set her up to fail when we take her on her word. At least going to sleep in our bed doesn't get her into trouble.

I'm a Ball!

A Christmas Ball that is!

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Hmmmm, I'm not sure what to think of the result. What do you think?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Fed Up, No Money!

I reckon I'm a pretty reasonable person at the best of times. I'm also pretty open. But I draw the line when I start to feel like I am being taken advantage of.

Weekly I invoice my wages to my boss so I can get paid. He has issues with this. Firstly, I must state that I much prefer to be a 'real' employee then have to take care of everything myself but obviously this proves too much work for the man that owns THREE businesses! I invoice my wages Monday evening after I have worked. Is it really too much to ask that I am paid by Friday morning??? I hestitate calling and finding out where the pay is. He isn't the easiest guy to talk to anyway and he always makes it sound like it's my fault it's not been paid.

Today was no different. He says it's unreasonable for me to expect it to be paid that day. I don't expect it that day. But I think 5 days is plenty of time to get it done. Then he says the others invoice monthly. To that I say they don't need the money like I do and yes I need it weekly as I now have a weekly car payment (not that that is any of his business)! Then he says he has 200 e-mails to go through everyday. Um, I'm guessing that comes with being a boss! I really don't think it's too much to ask that I get paid within a reasonable time frame. Another excuse is that he is out of town and he has to sign for our wages to be paid. Can't someone have authority over this??? If not then how is it my husband gets paid every Wednesday without fail??? And why is it the lady that does Hugh's pays puts them in Tuesday so they are there Wednesday morning??? I'm sure she doesn't go running down one of the bosses for a signature for a pay that happens weekly!

At any rate, I am sitting here on a Friday morning without my pay. And at this time of year, you would think the man would be more understanding of the situation. I shouldn't have to call and find out where or why I haven't been paid. It should be done in a timely fashion and not 5 days later, no matter the situation!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

She Did It!!!!

I have finally gotten Kamryn to sit on Santa's lap!!! Thursday night the Plaza had a Christmas night where all the stores were open late and there was fairy painting and Santa and singing. I was a bit worried going by myself with both girls. I get like this and don't do well with large numbers of people. But I soldiered on as I knew Kamryn wanted to go. And man was she a trooper!!! I tell ya what, I couldn't have asked for a better daughter on the night.

The first stop was a fairy painting. And she knew exactly what she wanted, double hearts. I had to tell the fairy what she wanted and the fairy said it would be a first for her! Kamryn was dressed for the occasion too. She had on her fairy dress and her tiara (we made it earlier that day!). And with your fairy face painting you got a free pair of fairy wings! She was so thrilled.

Next we were off to find the clown. We seen him when we came in but didn't stop as we were on a mission for a fairy face painting. I kept talking to her about Santa but she kept saying I needed to talk to him instead of her. Well we couldn't locate the clown but we did see Santa and he walked up to her and gave her some candy and she said 'thanks, Santa'.

Before we left I asked her if she wanted to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She said 'yep, I'm not shy any more'. So off to make Santa sit down! And she sat on his lap! She was a bit hesitant the whole time but she didn't freak out like she did last year in hysterics! And she even said 'Santa, I want a bike'. And he asked her what color and she said 'I want a pink one'. She was excellent! Said bye to him and we left. It was fabulous! I was so proud of her. Not to mention the way she behaved either. She held onto the stroller the whole time so I didn't lose her and didn't fight with me about anything. Like I said, I couldn't have asked for a better daughter on the night, she was perfect!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have been trying to keep up with everything that goes on in my life. I am not doing a wonderful job at it. I would like to take a moment and acknowledge my friends though. It seems I am not one for juggling everything nor to I claim to be supermom! And don't think you have been ignored or fallen by the way-side, because everything in my life has lol! Working moms get a big thumbs up from me as I am finding just a meer 7 weeks of this hard to handle!

Jamie - It seems we are never online at the same moment any more. You are the one person I can e-mail and let off steam to though. I don't expect a response but it is nice to know I can e-mail you and you can at least know where I am at the moment. Plus it's always nice to get it out even if it doesn't always help 100% but it does help! Yes, I still have your Christmas box here. I will get it posted in the next couple of weeks but you definitely won't be getting it before Christmas lol. Thanks for looking after me in my times of need which seem to be frequently these days! Miss ya and hope to catch up soon!

Renee - Ok, I'm not sure where you went lol!!! It's been ions since I have talked to and I know you are just as flat out as I am if not more so. I'm slack on e-mailing you, I know. Really it's my fault as I am too tired to even bother mostly. I hope to catch up with you soon though. I miss chatting with ya and the way we can joke around. I think I need a good laugh and probably a hug. Although I know you can't manage the hug ;)

Rachel - I just think between the both of us working at the moment, a catch up is near impossible! I'm exhausted so I'm sure you are too. I do think about you frequently and wonder how you all are. I am constantly checking your blog to keep up with you. I'm trying to get Hugh to consider a holiday in Wellington in February so we may be your way soon! Hugs and hope to catch up when we can!

Melissa - You will be home in 29 days and counting! I really can't wait until you get back! I've missed ya heaps and am sooooooooo looking forward to spending lots of time with you! I do hope we can catch up in January. I just want you to return safely! Smooches!

Hannah - Ok, I think you are the newest friend I have :) Hopefully we too can catch up some day. Again this fete my prove difficult until the end of January but nonetheless we should do it!

Ok, I believe that covers everyone I keep in touch with on a regular basis. There are others that I keep in touch with often but not as often as this lot lol! So 'YAY' to you if you made into the 'list' lol!!! Joking! Have a great one and miss ya all!

And You Want Another?

Why is it when you have a bad day there is always someone that acts as if you should probably stop having kids then? This is the case with my mom. I called her last Thursday to find out how to make some pies. I told her about my day and how by 9:30AM I was frazzled. I was to take Kamryn to dance class and be there at 10. Lauryn bumped her head 3 times all between 8-9:30AM. That's when I decided I wasn't going. Then I decided I would go and just suck it up. As I move to get them sorted, Kamryn takes something from Lauryn. She starts to cry, falls and bumps her head for the fourth time! Again all before 9:30. So right there I decided I can't really be bothered.

Upon telling my mom this she is laughing and saying 'and you want one or two more?' Um, yeah? And? Just because I have rough days and don't always cope well doesn't mean I no longer want them. I always love them regardless but I'm sure everyone has rough days. It also doesn't mean that I entered into having children thinking it was going to be all rosy and smooth going. I also don't think because things are rough now means I shouldn't have any more kids. Mom seems to think the older ones will then pick on the younger one. I don't think that will necessarily be the case. However, I am more upset at the fact that my own mother laughed at me instead of saying 'aw, I'm sorry you are having a rough day today but we've all had these and hopefully tomorrow will be better'. But nope that wasn't the case. And this, folks, is generally why I don't tell her anything!


The other night I got home from work to sit down to have dinner. (I seem to be doing this most nights!) Kamryn wasn't eating nor sitting still. Hugh mentions that he had a rough day with her. After dinner I had enough of Kamryn acting out and getting yelled at. So I decided we would go to the playground for 30 minutes, just the two of us. I also decided we would get an ice cream.

After we picked our ice creams out at the local gas station, I had Kamryn put them on the counter. Then she says 'I think that's a real man' about the guy behind the counter! I laughed and tried to keep it under control so I didn't embarass the young man behind the counter. Then I looked at him and said 'there ya go, you are a real man in the eyes of a three year old'! It was a hoot and I couldn't help laughing about it a bit longer! We often get many funny things like this.

I Realize...

It's been a while but didn't realize it's been THIS long! Work at two places, kids, Christmas, home, name it, I can't keep up with it lol! I'm stressed. I keep telling myself it's only until the middle of January! Hopefully I will keep up. Hugh needs to jump in and help more. I already deleted some of his saved computer games in an effort to make him take me seriously!

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