Monday, October 02, 2006


Finally the Mexican food as come full circle! I've never been one of those mothers that caters to their child's wants with food. I remember my ex-SIL making her two girls completely different dinners to what they were having cause they didn't like it. I swore I would never have kids like that. It's good I live in New Zealand then because there is such an array of foods to eat here. So mine have tried everything we eat.

We tried tacos when Kamryn was little but she never really took to them. And from my small mention in another post, we had them a few days ago and Kamryn loved them and so did Lauryn. Friday night I asked Kamryn what she wanted for dinner and said tacos lol. And I think she has asked every night since although she was pretty happy with corned beef on Saturday night as it's her favorite lol. So last night we had tacos and man, you would have thought this was the girls last supper lol!!!

We did bigger tortillas last night and Kamryn still ate 1 1/2. We made them with chicken which she isn't too keen on but she liked it. Hugh made Lauryn's and then cut it up. Which she always unrolls and picks the stuff out then eats the tortilla. But when Kamryn was on her half, Lauryn wanted more. So Hugh made her the other half and didn't cut it this time. He went to hand it to her and she snatched it from his hand and took a BIG bite out of it!!! I went to get the camera and she said 'I like tacos!' lol. Too funny! And she ate the whole thing and didn't take it apart. I just can't believe how well they eat when we have them. Lauryn will eat some of the meat with spice but Kamryn won't. Likewise, Lauryn will eat salsa but Kamryn won't. So here's some photos.


Anonymous Janine said...

lol looked like they were having a ball! Thats a layout in the making there.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

I agree with Janine, that's a layout waiting to be scrapped!! They sure look like they were enjoying those tacos!

I completely agree with you on the food thing. I have always made ONE dinner every night, so the kids have no choice but to eat what we're having. Tyler just LOVES spicy food, especially Indian! He will eat curries that even I find too hot! Ethan doesn't really like things that are too spicy but other than that he will eat whatever we have. He ADORES sushi, and loves Meditteranean food (olives, hummus, couscous, etc). I agree it is silly to make separate food for your kids (unless you are going to eat later when they are in bed, which we do every now and then just for a bit of peace, LOL).

7:38 PM  
Blogger yaseen_nz said...

Oh that's so adorable! I agree with the others- cant wait to see how you gonna scrap this!
Food - I reckon you're doing the right thing. Otherwise you just create a heap more work for yourself and a lot less adaptable people. Worked really well for my son. LOL -I remember we cunningly renamed Chili con Carne to Mexican Mince when we reintroduced it after a few months and he loved it. He used to remember names just too well.Then after he finished his plate we explained that Mexican mince is sorta the same thing as chili con carne. He told me it's better than the last chili con carne I made ( which of course was identical) that's 5year olds for ya;p Now he's 16 and the only problem is the amount of food this thin guy can devulge;p

11:23 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

How cute! Have you only made them soft tacos or used the shells as well? What time is dinner at your house I"ll be there next time you make them. :-)

I'm with you on the food thing too. My kids will eat just about anything we do. If we are having something I know they don't like or I think is way too spicy for them I give them chicken nuggets or something.

Nikki's got a huge problem at her house with the food issue, it causes so much stress I wouldn't want to be in her shoes for anything. My kids may not sleep, but at least they eat!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

OMG I love that 3rd pic of Lauryn! How cute!!

My boys still won't eat tacos. i keep trying though cuz I LOVE em!

5:34 PM  

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