Tuesday, September 19, 2006

DTs, Bottle, Bubba and Bed

Ok, no DTs is not some sexually transmitted disease lol. As if I don't have enough on my plate, I am signing up for more! Some how I don't think Hugh working 54 hours a week and running kids here and there and taking care of home is enough.

DTs (design teams):
Among the numerous comps at SE forum that I have been entering, I've also been trying to keep up with the NZ Dare Blog. Also at SE I have a circle journal on the go and I have been participating in a card swap. Then Meg (yes, that woman!) goes and puts of a DT call for SE which ends the end of October. So of course I have to give this a go. The thing that stops me from entering some is the damn altered project part of the requirements. But I came up with an awesome idea for this one which I am completely happy about. Then reading Kelly's blog the other day, I see that Embellished has a comp on for Embellished Idol. So I figured I would give it a go. It's only 8 weeks with a new 'task' each week. So that kicked off this week. And then Lisa at Scrapbooking by Design (the one that hosted show your worst/best/first layout from the other day) also has a DT call out which ends mid-October. Again, one I would like to try for but there's that damn altered project again! I can't get away from it! So today I get another fabulous idea for a project so after kindy I was running all over getting photos. WHEW! What a day and it looks like I am going to be ultra busy! I might have to pull out of the card swap, Lynda, sorry.

Lauryn had her last drink at 1PM on Thursday lol. Really, she should attend meetings! So that was her last bottle and now she won't drink milk at all! I can scare her into having a few sips but then she says 'I done' and hands me the cup. I know Kamryn went through a stage where she stopped drinking milk after we took the bottle away. I just want her to come back to it. We are only changing her diaper like twice a day and I don't even have to do it first thing in the morning cause there is like no pee. I talked to Plunket and she said not to worry and a toddler isn't going to let themselves get dehydrated unless something else is going on but there isn't. She is acting fine. And no I don't think she gets enough calcium so I hope this milk dry spell doesn't last long. And she's just not drinking enough water to substitute, in my opinion. And she won't drink any juice either not even 3/4 diluted. Never has drank it. Oh well, I am going to cross my fingers that she comes back to milk.

We have always called our girls bubs or bubba. I used to think it was soooooo weird since it has to be a New Zealand thing but I definitely adapted it when I had Kamryn. My mom thinks it's odd since bubba sounds pretty redneck back home (re: Forrest Gump; Bubba Gump Shrimping Company lol). But lately Lauryn has been saying it which is sooooooo funny. Today leaving kindy she said to Kamryn 'stop, bubba'. Or she just walks around and says 'hey bubba'. Very funny!

Ah, bed! I made an executive decision on Thursday night of last week. Yes, the same day we took the bottle away from Lauryn. I was putting her into a big bed. I figured she is probably old enough now and I got tired of the way the girls' bedroom was set up. So on Friday while Lauryn was at daycare, Kamryn and I changed the room around and took one side rail off of Lauryn's cot. This was a sad day for me. No longer a baby in need of her protective cot. And when Lauryn got home from daycare, she was pretty happy that she could climb on to her bed. And there was no looking back. She has slept fine in it. No falling out and no fits to get it. She's been great! She will climb into bed, hold the covers and then pull them as she 'scoochies' down to get comfortable. Fabulous! I don't think this could have gone any better, really. So many changes for my little girl. I just wonder what she will think about potty training this summer.....


Anonymous Janine said...

Whooo hooo go you on all of that stuff!! Go you on the design team calls. Christi my biggest advice to you is to go for it. The OTP project will be a thing of the past once you have got a few under your belt!! Go you!!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

We call Tyler "bubs" or "bubba" too!! I sometimes catch myself calling Ethan that but he quickly corrects me - he hates being called a baby!

Wow, a big bed already! And no more bottle! Lauryn, you're growing up sweetie! We are going to have to think about moving Tyler to a bed soon. Well, at least taking the side rail off the cot. We moved Ethan before he was 2, but the thought of moving Tyler just terrifies both of us, LOL!!

You're a crazy scrapbooking madwoman! I don't know how you get it all done, I really don't. You're amazing!!

4:09 PM  

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