Sunday, September 03, 2006

Father's Day

These things always seem to sneak up on me lol. Yesterday the girls and I went out and got Hugh some new tees only a man could love lol. I told Kamryn she could make him a card. Once we were home and Lauryn was in bed she immediately remembered about the card. I wrote 'Happy Father's Day, Daddy' on it and she drew herself on the front and drew her and daddy on the inside kicking a soccer ball. Pretty cool for my sweetie girl. Then we made a dessert with sponge fingers, mandarins and custard (good fun for kids her age!). Once Lauryn was up, she went and hid her card in one of the drawers in her bed. Then later when Lauryn was down for the night, we wrapped up daddy's t-shirts. She said she wanted to hide it. So she hid it under her table. Not sure why she thought that was a good place but it was fine with me.

And the on to the big day, today! I got up with the girls and figured I would let Hugh sleep. Kamryn and Lauryn were content playing and Kamryn let me know that they would tell me when they were ready for breakfast lol. Well it wasn't long and Kamryn said she wanted to give daddy is present. So I reminded her to get her card and to go and say 'happy father's day, daddy' and she did! Hugh loved his card and got a bit teary over it. It's really really nice seeing Kamryn free-draw now. It's amazing really. After that it was eggs for the girls and omelettes for us. Yum!

And I have to say that Hugh has done a complete 360 from Wednesday night. (those that I have talked to know what I am talking about) He was helping with everything today and even helped me clean the outside windows (it was a gorgeous day!). It was just a really nice relaxing day at home with no rushing around or needing to be anywhere. Just perfect.


Blogger Hannah said...

OMG, how funny is this?! I just wrote a post called "Father's Day" on my blog!!

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT day! That dessert sounds yummy, I saw it in the Foodtown brochure and figured that was the one you were going to make. YUM!

Ethan also hid Rob's present under his table. So funny!! I also wondered why he picked that hiding place, and then I read about Kamryn picking the same one :-)

I think we need to post pics of our kids' card on our blogs. I agree with you about the free-drawing. I find it amazing to watch. I bet Kamryn's soccer game picture is awesome!

And I'm so glad to hear about the big 360 - woohoo!! Yesterday was such a beautiful day, the weather was almost summery! I'm glad you got to enjoy it (even if you were cleaning windows, lol).

8:49 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Sounds like a cool father's day. The card sounds very sweet.

4:35 PM  

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