Sunday, August 20, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

There's this blog called No8 Wired - NZ Dare Blog where they put up a new dare every other week (was once a week). I've looked at the layouts that have been put up and thought it would be nice to participate but with Hugh working 52 hours a week or more, I just don't get the time to finish them as the deadline is on a Wednesday with the new dare being announced on a Friday. But the last dare was posted with a two week deadline which has made it easier for me to complete it. So here is my 'Guilty Pleasure' layout! I had fun doing this even though it was a 'bit' hard confessing a few things ;)

PS: There is HEAPS of journaling! My guilty pleasure is kids clothing lol. I love shopping for my girls and I've admitted a few secrets that I don't know that some people even know lol. So I'm not going to post the journaling here, sorry.


Blogger lianne said...

So glad you got to do the dare this week Christi. This is awesome. Love the colour. Can understand the obsession with kids clothes, they are so cute.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Lovely layout, Christi! Hey, glad that I have Photoshop so that I can magnify the text and read what you have to say about your guilty pleasure. Also, the amount of times you sell childrens clothes and your feedback on Trademe says a lot about your obsession ; )

4:41 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Love this!!! Great job, it is so cute and I love the colours.
I love buying kids clothing too, but I have to admit girl's clothes are so much cuter than boy's ones!! What brilliant timing, too! Because I got some clothes for your girls in Canada, you should get it today at Kindy via Rob ... hope you like it!!

10:37 AM  

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