Sunday, August 13, 2006

When It Rains.........

It never fails! I have a HUGE trip coming up next year. Ok, admittedly not until October 2007 but we still need all those months to get the money together for me to go. And what happens that always happens???? Our car went in for a oil change and check to other various parts that help make a car run lol ;) and then were told we needed $500 worth of repairs. Lovely! After a few phone calls Hugh found he could get it all done at two different places and save us $100. Plus he got to drive a flash 2006 Tiida last week which was ultra awesome! We *almost* pushed for more repair work just to drive this thing around lol. Then Saturday, the washing machine died! Of course it dies on the day that EVERY item of clothing in Kamryn's dresser is dirty lol. Luckily we bought a new one the very day it died on TradeMe (only used 10 times) for $320. Called around and a brand new one was going to run us $600 anyway. Well we don't have a van or truck to get this washer. Hugh called a 'friend' who said they don't lend their vehicles. Fair enough but whatever! So Hugh asks if he would help him go and pick it up and he said no they had church. Again fine but he didn't volunteer to help him later either. Pisses me off that people are like this. Can't help a friend but I'm sure if the church called and needed it then it would be ok. So I no longer consider this person a friend. It's not like we were going hotrodding in his van, we are a family who needs a washer. Just aggrevates me that people are like this. Can't help because it doesn't benefit them in some way! So Hugh will hopefully get the work van tomorrow (Monday) and pick the washer up late for me to use on Tuesday. Nothing like 4 days of laundry piled up. And that's 'if' he can get the van. So the money has been going out just as fast as it's coming in. But we are just happy it's happening now when there is the extra money instead of when we don't have it.


Blogger Hannah said...

OK, who is this "friend" that wouldn't help you out?? I'm sure Rob would lend you the station wagon, just give him a call. He's been using my car while I'm away so the wagon is probably just sitting there. It is old and crusty, but it should do the job!!
Where are you picking the washing machine up from?

3:20 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

How annoying for you. In my experience bad luck (eg things breaking down and needing replacing) ususally happens in threes - goodness knows why! Just as well Hannah and Rob can step into the breach and help. Isn't it good to have a friend nearby that can help??

11:06 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Hannah - it was the 'friend' you lived around the corner from you. I thought about ringing Rob but I forgot about him having two vehicles there. I didn't want to put him out. Hugh suggested I call him but didn't :( Hugh ended up getting the work van. However, the guy that drives the van took the van home to Massey cause he forgot that Hugh was going to use it. So Hugh had to drive all the way to Massey to pick it up, then to Torbay and then home lol. Oh well, I have a washer now lol.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Well, I'm glad you finally got your washing machine, even though it was a hassle!! You silly girl, you should have just phoned Rob. And told him I said to!! LOL :-)
How many loads of washing did you have to do today??

2:31 PM  

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