Monday, July 17, 2006

Kindy Starts Today

Well Kamryn starts kindy (preschool) today. I haven't thought about it much or dwelled on it. Trying to just go with the flow and take my cues from her. We've talked about it all weekend and I've gotten excited about it letting her know it's ok to be happy and fun there. It's hardly school and if anything, it's more of an opportunity for her to be with more kids of her age (4) with probably more activities than daycare can offer. It's not close to being school but none the less, I think she will have fun and enjoy herself. And I think she will learn things even though it isn't a structured learning environment. It helps that she knows a couple of kids that go and she's looking forward to playing with Ashley even if I'm a little more apprehensive about it. Will update more once she is home after 3.
Ok, back home from kindy. I swear, some days I feel like a single parent and today was one. Lauryn was already an hour past her naptime and I knew if I stayed with Kamryn much longer then that meant a shorter nap for Lauryn since kindy is only 2 1/2 hours long. And Lauryn has anywhere from 2-4 hours when she sleeps. Plus I didn't want to draw out the fact that she was there and I was leaving. She was soooooooo good though. Man, she couldn't wait to get there. Writing her name was interesting. I thought they would have something to trace but nope, have to do it free hand. We always started off tracing our name before we did it freehand. Not much help from the teachers either, so I helped. But she truly loved it. I could have easily dropped her off and walked away. She didn't even seem to mind that I was leaving. Although she did ask if Lauryn could stay. Then when I was getting ready to leave, she wanted to walk me to the gate and wave. I told her not to stay by the gate and go where the teachers are after I waved. No sooner than I turned my back to walk away and I turned to see if she was there and she was walking away. And that's where it hit me. And still is. In some respects you don't want them to need you so much and then in many others you want them to need you all the time. But thinking about this whole experience has made me realize that Kamryn is a very confident girl. Confidience I would like to think we have instilled in her. Eager to try new things even if it's not semi out of your comfort zone. She just wants to absorb it all. I felt bad I couldn't stay and just observe and watch how she got on. I now realize that everything from now is just up and away with the end goal being on her own. I know that is many many years down the track (Hugh reckons they aren't moving out until 25!) but with girls it happens all too soon. For the times I think I have horrible children, I know I don't. I rationally know this. But more often than not they are driving me up a wall. And I know I have a wonderful daughter and she's just great!!!
Well it's nearly time for bed for me but wanted to end by saying that Kamryn had a great time today. When I got there she didn't notice me and when they pointed me out to her, she ran up and said she missed me. Which is nice. Then I asked if she had fun and she said yes. She had her snack outside with Ashley. At home later though, after talking with her some more, she said that she fell through the rope bridge cause she missed a square. I asked if someone helped her and she said no. I said how did you get out and she said she did it herself. But she said she was there for a long time and I asked if someone was outside and she said no. This causes some worry for me. I know when I arrived to pick her up, no one was outside with them either. There were only a couple of kids outside and the rest were in but there still could have been someone watching. I could have easily walked in there and grabbed a child and walked off and none would be the wiser. I might have to ask them what their policy on having someone outside is. I'd like to think that if Kamryn is in trouble or having a hard time with something that they will help. Afterall we are trusting them with our children and I'm sure they can give their assistance if it's not asking too much.


Blogger Hannah said...

Hope she has a great day - I'm sure she will. And I hope Ethan DOES say hello to her, LOL!!

10:03 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Yay! Glad she was so excited and happy to be there. The name writing thing is a bit strange, I thought so as well, but honestly after only 6 weeks Ethan can write his name almost perfectly. So it definitely works!!!

I'm so pleased that Kamryn was really confident today. Ethan was like that on his first day, too. For the first 2 weeks, actually. He would just run off and play, yelling "BYE!" at the top of his lungs! He got a bit funny after the first 2 weeks (I wrote about that on my blog) but now he's fine again.

Did you see Rob there dropping Ethan off?? I told him to look out for you :-) Hey, I'll see you tomorrow when I pick Ethan up (I do it every Tuesday).

2:11 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Aaawwww - how fantastic that Kamryn had a neat first day at Kindy. Sometimes I think the whole first day thing is harder on the parent than the child ; )
It's interesting that they're getting the kids to write their names. I don't recall Luke doing that - and now that I think about it, it's one of the things that makes me a little sad. Still, one day he'll get the hang of it. They say that Einstein didn't talk till three...

4:32 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Christi - they are supposed to have one teacher outside all the time but not at the end of the session during mat time (which is when you would have arrived). If there are kids playing outside during mat time it is because their parents have already come and the teacher has let their kids go (and the mums are probably talking or something).
During the session, one teacher is outside, one is inside and the other is "floating" which means they are looking out for kids who are alone or upset or whatever.
Maybe just mention to one of the teachers that Kamryn fell and there was nobody to help her. At least they will be alerted to the fact that there wasn't a teacher outside at some point.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Melissa Chesterman said...

What a stink friend I am for not even knowing it was Kamryn's first KINDY day. I know you were downplaing it since it is not structured but nonetheless....she survived and so did you. Yeah! Do look into why no one is physically watching them outside. Hip, Hip Horray for big girl Kamryn! I just love her!

11:55 AM  

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