Monday, June 26, 2006

Well She Did It

I just read tonight that Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban. Oh how disrespectful! We all know I moved to New Zealand just to get close to him (shhhhhhhh, don't tell Hugh lol)! LOL, he was born in New Zealand afterall. I think it is sooooooo funny he has come so far in his career! He is such a fabulous country singer. I remember his first album in the States back in early 2000. It may have come out in later 1999 but remember him for sure in 2000. I remember talking to an Australian, Shaun, online about him because Shaun liked country music. Shaun said he never heard of him and I said he came from Australia. I told him then they he may hear of him in a couple of years. Um, Shaun, do you know who Keith Urban is now???? And such a beautiful song he sung to Nicole too, had to listen tonight just to hear for myself. Just beautiful! I'm not sure about this marrige though. They don't look *real* comfy like Nicole and Tom did. But then Tom has gone el loco anyway. Good for them! Ok, fine, I'll just move on to Tom Welling (aka Superman; Smallville) cause after all we all know those midwestern farm boys all look like this!!!!! Or at least they should ;) Here's how I like Tom lol, love the rugged stubble.......mmmmmmmmm, yummy lol! Ok, yes, I know he is married and here's one of them too, Tom and wife. Going to bed now, maybe I shouldn't have watched The Fog tonight lol!


Blogger Lisa said...

Ohhh...he is CUTE!!!! I don't get to watch t.v. working I haven't noticed him but he's a little hottie!

(so is Keith Urban btw!!! And yucko on Nicole kidman...can't stand her)

3:13 PM  
Blogger John Adam said...

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