Monday, June 19, 2006


Lauryn has started her 'no' phase. We aren't sure she actually knows how to use it appropriately but she does seem to use it in the right context! We were at the Plaza the other night, leaving from shopping at Foodtown and Hugh reached to grab Lauryn's hand. She pulled it away and said 'nooooooo!' really loudly and was shaking her head lol. OMG, I had to laugh! I couldn't believe it! She's never done it like that before and I couldn't contain it lol. Anytime we give her more food, 'no'. Anytime we say share with your sister, 'no'. We get it a lot lately. She's also started saying 'mine'. LOL, I surely don't remember this with Kamryn. Hmmmm, maybe Lauryn is the one that has my personality instead of the flipside like so many think. It is funny. And her 'no's will be getting her into more trouble than she realizes, I'm sure. She's had a few times outs and she's starting to listen better. She doesn't like sitting there for any duration of time. But when I start to count she is now realizing that I mean business.


Blogger Hannah said...

FUN and games! I remember when Tyler said "no" for the first time. He says it alot, LOL.

1:17 PM  

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