Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Morning

Queen's Birthday seemed to be the break I needed. Hugh had the complete 4 day weekend which was good. We didn't do anything outstanding but we managed to sort through many things and clean things out. But my morning today started nicely. We have been locking Lauryn's bedroom door in the mornings so Kamryn can't go in and wake her up. Well Hugh must have forgotten this morning and Kamryn went in and entertained Lauryn while I was still sleeping. LOL, she's good like that! Then she came in to tell me that she did her clothes and Lauryn's clothes. I wasn't sure what she was talking about. So I got up and as I walked through the living room I noticed that on each of their chairs there was an outfit for Kamryn and one for Lauryn complete with the diaper sitting there. Kamryn had picked out their clothing for the day and set it on their chairs! How sweet!!! Very thoughtful and super helpful! Not only was that a nice surprise but breakfast went incredibly well too. Kamryn wanted jam soldiers. Lauryn generally has the same thing unless Kamryn is having oats. So I gave Lauryn some pear well the bread was in the toaster. She ate her pear without any issues. (Lately, we have been having problems with Lauryn throwing her food ont he floor or after being in her chair for a matter of 5 minutes she says 'I done'.) I gave Kamryn her soldiers and gave Lauryn mini soldiers. Lauryn was taking her mini soldiers and folding them in half and eating them. I thought that was a very clever thought process and she wasn't getting jam on her fingers. Very clever girls! So today has been good and it's made me quite happy and chuffed that things do eventually work themselves out but I sure hate feeling horrible for a few days just to get here :(


Blogger Hannah said...

Glad you had such a nice morning. Kamryn is a doll!!!

6:40 PM  

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