Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy 5th Anniversary!

On June 23, Hugh and I had our 5th anniversary. Oh and what a memorable time!

First we celebrated our anniversary on Thursday the 22nd. I had to work the 23 and we didn't want to go out when there would likely be more people around. Hannah volunteered to watch the girlies while we went out. We decided to eat at Hola (a Mexican restaurant) in Orewa. In New Zealand there aren't many Mexican restaurants at all. And this one opened about 9 months ago but we haven't gotten the chance to go. We both LOVE Mexican food and we make it quite frequently. But those that make Mexican know it isn't always a quick process plus it was nice for someone else to cook it for us! At the restaurant we had a tostada to start, Hugh had chicken enchiladas and I had chicken quesadillas and for dessert we have margarita pie. It was soooooooooo yum! OH, and I had two strawberry margaritas lol. It was just so good that it's worth going back again and again ;) It's nice to have a good Mexican restaurant around. And it was actually American style Mexican and not NZ style Mexican which tends to get a bit fancy like with gourmet pizzas (not Mexican gourmet pizza but along those same lines lol). Never understood the whole fascinations with gourmet pizza! It was great! I would have had more margaritas but figured I should stop. Then we went off to the movies to watch Poseidon. Theater was freezing but it was a good movie. Nice effects and was good to watch it on the big screen. So we had a wonderful night. It was hard to get my head around the fact that Hannah was watching the girls at home since no one has ever watched them at home while we have gone out. But the girls were great and Hannah coped well lol ;)

Now Friday, our actual anniversary. Kamryn started coughing in the night on Wednesday and by Friday she was feeling worse. She was shivering and threw up. We expected it to be another viral cough like she had a few months back but thought we should take her to the doctor just to make sure. Hugh came back from the doctor's and walked into the house without Kamryn. Right away I was freaked. He said 'we need to go to Starship because he thinks she has pneumonia, do you want to come?' Uh, hello! Yes, of course! Crikey dick! So we all pile in the car quickly and rush into Auckland. I started crying cause I know how bad pneumonia can get and Kamryn said 'mommy, why are you crying?' I was worried. Hugh told me though if he thought it was really bad that he would have called an ambulance. So I felt a bit better about that and the fact that Kamryn seemed to be getting more alert in the car. Hugh didn't know what her temp was at the GP's either cause he didn't say what it was. After a two hour wait, she was checked out and everything was ok. Nothing to worry about and the doctor said again that it was probably something viral. So back home we go, thank goodness there wasn't anything. I was so scared. I've never been in this situation with either girl. Unless you count my emergency c-section to get Lauryn out. Anyway, back home and I was off to work. Not that I wanted to go but I needed money and Hugh was home with her. I called Hugh to check on her and she was throwing up her dinner in the background. I left work and came home. All day she had been running high temps and throwing up. And I looked on the hospital paper today and it said her temp at the GP's was 40.1C (104F) - OMG, and I'm only just now realizing how high it was after doing the conversion, I don't know celsius well, but 104F is an extremely dangerous temp. I guess that is why they didn't waste giving her pamol at the GP's office.

Now today everything is fine with her. Still has the cough and a runny nose. Running close to high temps but it's nothing like yesterday. And she's eating without throwing up and is active and back to annoying her sister. So I guess she is fine lol. Anyway, that is our memorable 5th anniversary!


Blogger Michelle said...

Yeah! so glad you got to go out and have a good meal together and that Kamryn is feeling better. I know how scary it can be taking them to the ER etc...I was a bit worried when I read your email last night. Poor wee thing.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

I know you've had a tough few days, but glad Kamryn is feeling better now. And boy, I know why Dr Hall didn't tell Hugh the temperature ... 40.1 is pretty dangerous. He wouldn't have wanted to scare you guys. So going to hospital really was for the best, even though they couldn't really do anything for her. Better safe than sorry.

I'm so glad you had a nice night on Thursday. I did, too! Pizza, shortbread, lovely pressie and 2 gorgeous kids to play with! They were such angels, and it was such a pleasure to babysit them. As I said before, anytime!!!!

Happy Anniversary once again :-)
Love ya!

9:04 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I really hope Kamryn is feeling better now - poor wee thing! Those viruses that make the temperature sky rocket are really very scary things! (Makes me remember about the episode we had with Daniel over Easter). Hugs!!
Happy Anniversary!!! I bet you feel like you've been married for ages now ; ) Those first years are a bit tough and testing, but it gets smoother from here on in ; )
Take care!
Rachel : )

4:40 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Happy Anniversary Christi! Sounds like it was a roller coaster - -but thankfully with a happy ending :) Now answer the burning question - that everyone is dying to know -- Was there any ROMANCE in the air?!?!

Love ya! ;)

5:00 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!! (chuck and I celebrate our 5th year this year too!)

mmmmmm...Mexican! gotta love it!

So sorry to hear about Kamryn :( Hope she's all better!!

3:16 PM  

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