Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh My Gosh!!!

It appears that when it rains, it pours!! We had Lauryn at A&E (accident & emergency) tonight. She's been cranky for a majority of the day. Threw up this morning in bed and has been coughing. I figured it was going to be the same thing Kamryn had or that it was all from her teething. Bloody eye teeth!!! Well tonight it all came to a head. She had a fever of 37.3C/99F (according to our crappy thermometerr, apparently). But after I gave her pamol at 6PM her temp didn't come down much. I put her to bed and after about 30 minutes she was screaming her head off. I didn't know what her problem was. Teeth, same thing Kamryn had, who knows. So I got her up and she was burning up. I took her pajama pants off which she wasn't happy about. Tried giving her more milk in a bottle. She didn't want it. Sat up on the couch and just vomitted everywhere! Then I remembered Kamryn's temp spiked immediately after she had thrown up on Friday. So I decided it was best to head to A&E. So off we went. They said it would be a 30 minute wait but it was more about an hour and a bit. The nurse came and checked her temp after we were there for 45 minutes and her temp was now 38.9C/102F so I wasn't happy. Lauryn didn't even want me putting my hands on her belly under her shirt and she wouldn't walk on the floor with her bare feet. Guess I was too cold and so was the floor. We were giving some brufen (sp?) for the temp. Once we were finally in to see the doctor her temp was only down 38C. He checked her over well and as soon as he got to her left ear, he knew immediately what was causing the problem. Then he checked the other one. She has a really bad ear infection in both ears. He said it was pretty bad on the drum. I had noticed her putting her hands up to her ears during the day but with teething all of this goes hand and hand and she wasn't doing it constantly throughout the day. Plus she didn't have temps yesterday at all. Poor thing! I feel absolutely miserable that it's that bad. This is her first ear infection. So we were given an antibiotic. But I have been pretty shitty towards her today for whining and crying. Now I feel stink. I just hope she recovers quickly and there aren't any lasting effects.

I know what happened, I jinxed myself. I mentioned on the American board that my kids hadn't been sick. Great. Now they are. This is Lauryn's first real time being sick. She's never been on an antibiotic. We managed well last year without any major illnesses. I guess this will be our year. Let's just hope nothing more happens from here. Now I'm worried about repeat ear infections. While we were at A&E there were many other kids there. Probably the most kids I have ever seen there. All realitively close in age to our two. There were 3 waiting when we got there and another 3 had come in when we went in to see the doctor. So obviously it's really going around. We got home at 10:30 and both girls went straight to sleep (obviously since it's well past their bedtimes lol). Here's hoping things get better from here...............


Blogger Hannah said...

Oh Christi!!! I'm so sorry to hear about Lauryn. There are LOTS of nasty illnesses going around at the moment. You know my mum works at the doctor's surgery and she said there are so many sick kids right now.
Ear infections are not fun. I know ALL about them! But the antibiotics usually work (they didn't for Tyler, but after the grommets he has been fine). Please don't worry about repeat infections. It might happen, but it probably won't. And if it does, you can look at my success story with grommets and feel confident that there is a solution. Although I do reckon if this is only Lauryn's first ear infection then she is probably not going to be as prone to them as my boys were. So try not to worry. I know it is hard, but you've done all you can for her now and I'm sure the medication will help her feel heaps better really quick.

It is totally my turn for my kids to get sick! I feel terrible that they have been so well this year when everybody else's have been so sick. Mind you, we had a shocking winter last year so maybe we are getting a break now ... I hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying that!! LOL

(((HUGS)))) to you & Lauryn!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

*HUGS* to you and Lauryn!! It will be ok I promise. I know how you feel. Madelynn has never been a sickly child and she only had her 1st round of antibiotics this year and I think then she didn't need them. I gave as a precaution because we were going on a trip.

Aidan has been my sickly little guy. 3 ear infections in his 1st year alone. Don't worry!! I was the same and it's ok.

And I've been with you on the "I didn't know" too. Once Brendon was away on a business trip and Aidan had an infection that I didn't pick up on either. He didn't pull his ears just normal grumpy Aidan. At 5am he woke up and screamed. I couldn't find anything wrong with him, no fever etc... and just let him cry it out for 2 hours. Madelynn and I were in my bed with pillows over our heads. Then when we got up at 7am I discovered on his sheets and on his left ear was dried neon green/yellowish pus. Poor baby's ear drum had burst with an infection. I felt so horrible. My doc said not to worry how was I to know with no temp, etc...I still feel bad but he's ok and not had an infection since.

Lauryn will be just fine and so will you!


9:09 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

She's sooooooooo much better this morning! Very green snot though! She only started holding her ears yesterday and I asked the doctor if it all could have just happened yesterday. He said it was very likely. I just feel really stink that I waited until damn near 8:30 at night to take her in when I could have taken her earlier to the GP. There isn't any yucky stuff coming from her ears and no smell. I know when I would take her temp last night she didn't like it being in her ear. Crappy stuff! But today she is playing and not walking around crying and whining.

Thanks for the hugs, guys!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Oh poor thing! There are a TON of ear infections going around right now over here in the States too. :(

Once you find the right antibiotic for each child, they work wonders on the ear infections. Zachary had blisters on his ear drums this winter (apparently a rare type of ear infection) and they were cleared up in less than 7 days!

**HUGS** It sucks seeing your baby in pain!

12:17 PM  

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