Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm a Mother of a 4 Year Old!

Yep, today is Kamryn's birthday. Well there are only about 6 more minutes of July 12 left so by the time I finish this it will be over. Wow! I'm sad to report it wasn't until Tuesday afternoon I realized that her birthday was the following day. I hadn't had anything ready. We weren't having a party so no worries there but still needed to wrap presents, make cupcakes and make the birthday cake. Hugh worked today too and she went to daycare in the AM so the morning wasn't such a fuss. Here's our day (definitely memorable!):

8:30AM - wake up and realize that I haven't heard a baby and Kamryn is still sleeping. Quickly jump out of bed, grab the camera and take pics of the gift table. Get Lauryn out of bed, grab camcorder and go to sing Happy Birthday to one sleeping birthday girl. (we haven't been able to do this since her first birthday and even then I think she may have been awake in her cot lol) I ask her how old she is and she says 'I'm still tired'. Nice. The one day she could actually possibly sleep past 8:30 and I'm waking her up.

9:10AM - rushing everyone around to finish breakfast and get dressed to have Kamryn at daycare by 9:30 for a ear and eye test. Well trying to get out by a certain time never seems to work. I already promised one gift before daycare. No time for cameras. She opens her Disney Princess Leap Pad book from mom. Ok, no time to play let's move!

9:20AM - Kids in car and cupcakes on front seat where Kamryn says 'mommy, I wanted dinosaur sprinkles too, you forgot the dinosaurs'. Sorry, I didn't want to put the dinosaurs on for 20 cupcakes. Chocolate hail and 100s and 1000s will have to work lol.

9:30AM - Arrive at daycare. Staff owing and awing over cupcakes. Can't believe I actually made them. Hugs and kisses for my birthday girl and will be back at noon.

9:50AM - Lauryn and I are in Orewa shopping at New World. No problems there and $93 later we are at Countdown. And then another $28 later we are on our way towards home eating our Grain Waves.

11:00AM - Decide we might as well finish the shopping list at Foodtown and then pick up Kamryn at 12:00. Get into Foodtown after one quick ride on the puppy. Get carrots in my cart and notice Lauryn shaking. Then notice her lips have gone purple and her dot and hands are purple too. Don't think too much of it and just figure we are in the cooler part of the store. Get around to the soda aisle and she is now complaining that her hands 'hurt'. Abandon cart and head for doctor's office right next to the plaza.

11:15AM - finally in to see a nurse. Lauryn's lips, dot and hands are still purple. No longer shaking. Sit on the bed in the nurse's office and just start crying. I have no idea what is wrong. They take her temp 37.5 (99.5F), say it's high but don't know why she is blue. GREAT! I'm freaking out thinking something is seriously wrong. They check her heart and her lungs, no problems.

11:30AM - Obviously a blue child doesn't prompt immediate attention. Temp taken again, now it's 38.2 (100.7F). Man, that's a large spike in a short time! Given Pamol to lower temp. Then she checks her right ear (she has had a bad ear infection for nearly 2 weeks now and has been on antibiotic for just as long), nothing wrong there. I say the other one was the bad one. She looks and immediately says 'oh yeah, it's bad. It's about to burst and I wouldn't be surprised if it does.' Great! Fabulous! Poor girly! New antibiotic now. Lovely but I sure hope this does the trick as I'm really worried about this damn ear!

12:05PM - Cruise into daycare to pick Kamryn up. Chat with staff and said kids were outside running their sugar rush off from the cupcakes.

12:30PM - Home. Lauryn to bed and Kamryn picks another present. This time it's the big one on the table. It's BARBIE!!! Woohoo! She's happy! She's been asking for one and I caved. I was trying to hold off but couldn't any more. Eats her lunch, plays and watches TV all at once lol.

1:30PM - Hugh home from work. Time to get cake going. Haven't had any time until now. Been cleaning, it never ends! Cake in the oven and on to present #3. This time she grabs a soft package which Hugh believes is clothes. Nope, it's mommy and baby unicorn. Where Kamryn says 'just what I always wanted' lol yeah along with everything else. She happily continues to play.

2:30PM - phone call from mom saying happy birthday to Kamryn. Have Hugh check on Lauryn after telling mom all about how I thought I was going to be sitting at the hospital on Kamryn's birthday. Lauryn comes out of her room ready to play with Kamryn's things where Kamryn quickly retorts 'no, these are mine'. Put mom on speaker phone so she can listen to Kamryn opening a couple of her gifts. She opened Pinkie Pie dress up and 3 DVDs mom had gotten her. 'Thank you's and 'I love you's exchanged. Hang up after about an hour being on the phone (I know it doesn't seem that long from this desciption lol.)

3:30PM - Finish opening the pile of gifts still left on the table. Lauryn is keen to watch without getting involved pointing out things like 'pony' or saying 'look' and pointing lol. We slowly get through everything. Take Kamryn outside for some pictures in her dress while Hugh organizes the gift table for a parting shot.

5:00PM - time for that pizza we are having for Kamryn's birthday. Can't be bothered cooking. Hugh grabs Lauryn and they head out to get pizza, ice cream and a box for all of Kamryn's little bits. Kamryn and I take everything out of their packaging. She plays and I put together a wooden highchair.

5:45PM - Hugh's back with pizza. Sit down to eat. Kamryn starts crying. She doesn't want to wear her dress to eat in cause she's cold. Fine. Puts on clothing mom bought her. Lauryn doesn't eat. Asks for 'more cheese', it's a bit of cheese and that's it. Kamryn eats some but not much even after requesting 'meatball pizza'. Fine we aren't dragging this out all night.

6:15PM - Lit lopsided birthday cake on the table. Singing happy birthday. Kamryn blows out the candles and we dig in. Cake and ice cream for everyone!!! Ok, so Kamryn only ate the ice cream and Lauryn had a bit of cake. Cool, off to bed then. Everyone gets ready for bed, Kamryn comes up to Lauryn and kicks her in the head and then she is in time out. And after Hugh rubs Lauryn's belly for a while she poops the hardest poo eva!!!

6:45PM - Girls in their respective rooms. THANKS GOODNESS! Kamryn watching one of her new Strawberry Shortcake dvds and Lauryn sleeping happily in her newly raised cot. All is calm.

7:30PM - Hugh says goodnight and heads to bed. Yes that's not a misprint! Kamryn watches dvd one more time and then plays until near 8:30PM.

And that is my day and Kamryn's 4th birthday. I didn't feel like I even got to breathe today. I haven't had much time to reflect on having a 4 year old but I'm sure something will hit me tomorrow. I'll try to have photos up tomorrow as well. And now it's 12:30AM so it's time for bed!


Blogger Hannah said...

What a day!! I'm tired just reading about it. You went to 3 supermarkets in one trip?? Far out! My kids would hate me if I did that to them, LOL!

I'm so sorry to hear about Lauryn's ear. That is similar to what happened with Tyler each time, he had to have 2 or 3 different antibiotics because the first lot didn't work. But I figured that was because he had been on antibiotics so much as a baby (he had recurrent urinary tract infections until he had surgery at 4 months old). I hope this antibiotic does the trick for Lauryn. Poor thing!

It sounds like Kamryn got lots of nice presents. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

8:05 AM  

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