Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pretty Nails

For a long time now I have been painting Kamryn's fingernails. It really started off being something I could do after her nails were cut since she never liked me doing it. And I started off with that watered down colored polish you get from Avon. Now we have moved up to my polish. Which is fine and much nicer, I might add. Kamryn no longer requires the polish if I cut her nails. So now it's just a bonus. But lately we haven't been doing the fingernail polish. I usually agree but then forget by bedtime and she doesn't remind me. Well last night she reminded me so we did her toes and fingers. This morning she showed Lauryn. And I thought 'Kamryn must have been about Lauryn's age when I started doing it' so I painted hers. Lauryn's nails are difficult to cut, it's usually me yelling and holding to get them done so maybe the polish will work. And look how cute this looks on her wee nails!!!! I didn't put too much on because I know she sucks her thumb and I wasn't sure if she would try getting it all off with her teeth lol.


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Blogger Hannah said...

That is way too cute!!! I just love nail polish on little girls. It is something I would definitely do if I had girls. In fact, Ethan has been known to have nail polish on his toes and fingers. As you can imagine, Rob was NOT impressed!! ROFL :-)

PS. Great way to get through the nail cutting drama. Why is it that kids hate getting their nails cut? It doesn't hurt or anything!

9:49 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

How cute! You're much more feminine that I am. I used to be but then well...I ended up in NZ. Got my man no need to be LOL. You've given me a good idea though!

Madelynn bites her nails and I keep mine short these days as don't have time to maintain flashy nails. So next trip to the $2 shop it's to get some nail polish perhaps it will make her think twice before biting them.

12:28 PM  

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