Monday, August 07, 2006

Writing Her Name

Well after seeing Michelle's post about her daughter's faces and Hannah's post about Ethan's name and his face drawing, I thought I would see what Kamryn can do. Now I don't think hers are as spectacular as theirs but it is something to behold, that's for sure. I wrote her name on the paper so she could see how it was done. Then she did her best to write what she could. She has some difficult letters in her full name like 'K', 'y' and 'N'. We think it's the slant that is hard. Hugh said to do the slant they have to control two moves at once which is very hard. Then the other tricky letters were the 's' and 'e'. This is the first time she ever did an upside down 'e' which Hugh said is pretty common. Then I asked her to draw people so that could be why she didn't do faces lol. But she had a good time drawing and told me what and who everything and everyone was. It's nice to look at them. Her people don't have noses or mouths and she only added hair when I asked if anyone had hair lol. I'm really impressed with her effort. After her people drawing she did a caterpillar all her own. Complete with what it had eaten lol. She drew cherries, apples and leaves amongst others. We talked about what caterpillars eat. They even eat marshmallows lol.

Then yesterday she took me by surprise. She said she wanted to draw and write her name again with the markers. So I gave her markers and went off to do my own thing. I figured there was no way she could do her name on her own without seeing it somewhere. But when she finished I went to look at her picture and she wrote her name!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I was floored! There in yellow marker was her name. She put an 'm' on the end cause she gets confused on the sounds of 'm' and 'n'. But none the less, she still did it without even seeing it in print. VERY VERY COOL! So I do know she is at least learning. And again she did another caterpillar and some faces and dots lol. So she may not be 'as good' as the others but give her three months and let's see where she is. I'm happy for this and I love them and she is thinking.


Blogger Hannah said...

WOW! Those pictures are great!! I love the caterpillar, that is just awesome. And to think of putting the different foods inside the stomach - brilliant! What an imagination she has.
I think she is doing her name so well! Considering she hasn't had that much practice, and considering the difficult letters she has to learn. Honestly, give her another few weeks of doing it 3 times a week at Kindy, and she'll be away laughing.
I think Kamryn's drawings are just as good as Ethan's, if not better. You should be VERY proud. I know you are :-)

Way to go, Kamryn!!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Those are fabulous Kamryn! :-) I especially like how caterpillers eat marshmallows. Too cute!

Kamryn, Ethan and Madelynn all still draw better than I do now. LOL

I think Madelynn is going to have a hard time with her name as well, but we'll see. At least she recognizes it.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Great caterpillar! That's awesome!

Zachary can write his name unassisted but to draw something that has a shape at all? Um, no. He's an "artist" as my husband says...everything is abstract :D

6:43 PM  

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