Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not Worth It

I bought some Queen & Co. acrylic letters online. At first glance I thought, 'ok they look pretty nice and probably a good size'. Well I should have known better and should have asked cause they are microscopic. Ok, so maybe not that small but in the picture I put them next to a five cent piece. I can get two on the coin and three at a push and the third might be hanging off by a bit. Pathetic. Really. What can I use them for???? I thought they would be at least the same size as my Paper Studio letters but they aren't. And the pic that was up with the letters looks oh so enticing too. I'm posting that as well. I bought three sets that averaged about $10.00 a set including shipping. I contacted the person I bought them from and they just said they would take my suggestion of listing the size on board but they didn't have many left any more so didn't know if they would be listing them. Hmmmmm, I wonder if others were happy??? I know this whole range has 'done up' it's line to be more feminine but I can do without the look of makeup compacts, fingernail polish bottles, lip balm containers and lip gloss bottles if it means slacking on more product. I'm not sure what I will use these small letters for. But soooooooo not worth the money I spent, that's for sure.


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