Monday, September 25, 2006

Butterfly Creek

We finally managed to go!! We were meant to go last weekend but the weather was not good. So at the last minute, we packed up to go. It was a wonderful day yesterday and there were quite a few people there. We made decent time in too. I think it only took us like 50 minutes and it's out by the airport. So we decided to do the whole combo thing. Our entry covered the butterfly house, the small farm/petting zoo and train ride. First we went to see the much anticipated butterflies. As you walk through there are aquariums with fish, seahorses and a lizard. Lauryn loved that part and kept saying 'oh fish' and getting all excited. Going in to see the butterflies was cool! There were butterflies flying everywhere. Everywhere you looked there was a butterfly. Oh, I must mention the heat. It was very warm and humid in there! It was 30C (86F) and the humidity was 65%. And it was much smaller than we thought it was going to be so by the time we made our way around, I was sweating buckets lol. It didn't help that I had jeans on lol. But there were some amazing and beautiful butterflies to be seen. And Kamryn was ever so patient waiting and hoping that a butterfly would land on her. But it didn't happen. Hugh seemed to be the only one fortunate enough to have a butterfly land on his shoulder. One of the coolest parts of the butterfly enclousure was the nursery they had set up. It was awesome and it was good for Kamryn to see a butterfly cocoon. There was one butterfly that was virtually all the way out and you could see the green cocoons shaking just waiting for a butterfly to emerge. It was neat. And there were plates set around with fruit on them for them to eat.

Then we had a walk through the little animal farm. That was neat. There were piglets, lambs, calves, chicks, alpacas and a baby goat. Inside the little barn they had guinea pigs and rabbits. Kamryn got to hold a baby guinea pig. They are pretty cute. They also had baby rabbits but she sees them pretty regularly so wasn't over the moon with them. And Lauryn was beyond tired so she screamed and wailed everytime she got told off. Even for small things like 'put your foot down' lol. Next we had some lunch. We took our lunch. We weren't sure if you were allowed but we didn't want to pay to eat there. I have to say too that we didn't let the girls play on the playground. We wanted to do the train ride and get home so we didn't let them play. Kinda felt bad about it and it wasn't covered, so it was pretty warm. So we waited around for the train for 30 minutes. There were some very rude people there that day. We were going to leave Lauryn in the stroller (trying to get her to sleep) and ride and we had been waiting before anyone else showed up. Well as soon as the train driver arrived, people jumped on in front of us so Lauryn and I weren't able to go. Hugh was pretty pissed and almost left then because people are so damn rude. I seem to notice it more and more here. And after the train ride, we headed home. Neither of the girls slept and I have to say it was the longest trip home ever! We didn't get home until 4PM and put Lauryn to bed. She got up about 6 and was starving. Had a pancake before dinner. We had tacos for dinner which were a hit! Kamryn had 1 1/2 and Lauryn ate a full one with lots of extra cheese and meat lol. And then they were in bed by 7:30! What a day!!!!


Blogger Hannah said...

Great photos!! We are looking forward to getting to Butterfly Creek one day soon.
Rob and I have been to one in Melbourne so we know about the heat, LOL!

That is pretty rude that people pushed in front of you guys to get on the train! Man, I would have said something. I'm quite rude when the situation calls for it, LOL!

Sounds like you had a nice day and the girls enjoyed themselves :-)

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Janine said...

Love the photos Christi. Sounds like a fab day for the family. I too have been to the butterfly enclosure in Melbourne and it is amazing. I can see a few pages coming out of this.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Ann said...

What a huge day for your girls, shame you had to come across a few rude people.

Lovely photos though, can't wait to see your layouts.

1:56 PM  

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